March 02, 2005

Gaps in meaning, like gaps in clothing

Fearometer: 8

Youve been away for a while so you drop by to say hello when you get back. You've not been too far. You just dropped off the radar for a while. And so you drop the odd strap in words and expose something of youself, something memorable or secret so they remember you. And a version of you gets sketched in their minds.

You feel glad that you don't really know who you're speaking to. They dont see the limbs of yours amputated by their viewfinder. You are the author of this self, irresponsible of your charge though you are. You don't have to make it beautiful like art at school. This has no definite borders, you can make it assymetric or ugly, or one day destroy it altogether. You want it to be honest, but you're a liar by nature, and then artifice, there's always artifice.

You feel drawn to this exposure. You create an edifice around it. This definition in words helps to order the fuzz of your thoughts and trap you in the place it inscribes. This is indulgent, in the opposite way that the year in bed was, time away from the defining eyes of others. This is indulgence made thrilling.

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  1. My school art was never beautiful. Original maybe, but never beautiful.

    03 Mar 2005, 02:21

  2. I think I mean the way that the attitude to art at school is often that something should be pretty and neat

    03 Mar 2005, 12:08

  3. I once drew a picture of a triangle and two circles, and asked my art teacher if she could get it put in the Tate Modern.

    In retrosepct I was (and still am) probably missing some vital aesthetic concept. But at the time I totally thought I was the king of cutting satire.


    03 Mar 2005, 20:06

  4. Sure both of your artistic endeavours were most splendiferous. I still maintain that the omission of my dried pasta picture from the Tate is a crime…oh cruel artistic establishment, they are the ones who lack a vital aesthetic aspect….......

    04 Mar 2005, 01:36

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