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March 05, 2005

The face is of itself

Fearometer: 8

What happens is the only thing that could have happened.

Things could be different if you were able to change the tuning on one of the cosmological constant's 100 decimal places. As this eludes you, another option is allowing a meta version of you to live out the course of her life in your mind. They are free from the constraints of time and space and materiality. Occassionally their reality glances yours, you change the course of your life in accordance with a discovery made in their realm.

They never quite escape the background hum of fears and hopes in your mind of course. They are able to soldier on when your writing becomes spider-like and illegible. Although, on the days when the only option is sleep and drawn curtains their image seems to fade a little.

No Cults Please

Dear Guy from Melbourne

I am not interested in your cult of eternal enlightenment or a bloke with a beard and robes enlightening me.

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