February 27, 2005

A Life Most Boring

If sport truly is war without the shooting then what is archery?

I have been up all night desperately searching for an answer to this conundrum. I suppose the answer is that archery is very boring, which leads me logically onto another boring platform like a logical express train pulling into another station, George Orwell.

If George is so smart then how come the only two things that he did during his lifetime (that I know of) were to create a boring boring BORING cartoon about talking animals and "Big Brother"? And to be honest with you there are only 3 types of big brother, the book, the reality TV series and actual big brothers; the book is undoubtedly the inferior one in that list, indisputably so.

An introduction, hello, good evening and welcome…

Hello, in this my first blog I hope to set down in writing an appropriate explanation and introduction to my blog sight.
I write whatever it is that I will write in the hope that it is interesting and as a continuation of life's universal desire to create. At no point do I intend to cause offence or hurt to any persons living or dead, man or woman, fact or fiction. I ask that any reader accept that we may have, indeed inevitably will have, differing views and opinions, it is for the reader to understand that a difference of opinion is not an attempt to denigrate or humiliate alternative points of view.
I am open to, I will appreciate criticisms of what a write when they are intelligent and coherent. Mindless rants will serve only to briefly amuse me, and as I have a short attention span they will I am afraid be swiftly removed. Such censorship may be unfortunate but it is a reality that is logically consistent with the concept of ownership (although that concept is itself a tricky one especially in the area of the internet).
I find that this blog, intended to be a brief introduction of themes that will emerge in my subsequent posts is running away with itself and becoming an identifiable argument in its own write, for that I apologise profusely to you. I shall desist almost immediately, all that is left is for me to make two points;

1. If you would like to have read more about censorship and my theoretical defence of it in specific situations and are disappointed that I have brought that thread to a premature literary death then I tentatively promise that I will return to that specific issue and deal with it comprehensively at an admittedly theoretical future point.

2. If you have been paying close enough attention then you may have noticed a small number of spelling mistakes in my work. In some instances these are deliberate and are meant to expose deep and meaningful jewels of intelligence, in others they are the subconcious expressions of my ignorance for which I apologise. I humbly ask that you refrain from drawing my attention to them, especially as an attempt to strengthen any contrary argument which you may feel compelled to contribute. An argument is inherently weak where it relies upon the weakness of previous arguments, like a plant that grows from poor earth it is flawed, it is the house built upon sand and its architect the fool.

So there it is, my welcome to you. I hope that it has been at the very least intermittently entertaining, my belief is that a little fun is more than we can expect from life but what we should strive to provide to others. Read on or pass me by as your will sees fit, in this and all subsequent entries that I will make I ask only this; as a boxer proves his worth through the ancient art of the pugilist so ideasmiths have forged their mettle in the furnace of debate, only the weak seek to avoid conflict through censure, argue by all means but accept that a challenge to your ideas is a chance to prove their worth.

New Review of an Old Story

3 out of 5 stars
An interesting and ambitious project. At times the prose does reach poigniant and emotional highs rarely found in fiction. However what this story has in grand and epic plot lines it notably lacks in character development.
In my opinion the attempt to present such an enormous encompassing sweeping view of history in and beyond its entirety at times appears to overwhelm the author (God, no previous or subsequent works by this author).
It is a brave but ultimately faulted text from a promising writer who we should expect great things from in the future, unfortunately he/she isn't at that stage quite yet.

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