June 11, 2006

Whit Friday Results 2006

Writing about web page http://www.whitfriday.brassbands.saddleworth.org/winrs.htm

Lees 48/51
Grotton 25/48
Lydgate 51/57
Uppermill 28/57
Dobcross 36/57
Delph 40/75

Don't have the time at the moment to do analysis I'm afraid. If someone else wants to, you can find the previous years stats at http://www.davidsait.co.uk/wf2005.htm

N.B. Leeds appeared to only play in 3 contests. Like us, they were at Delph. They came 54th.

If you have photographs from the day, please leave a comment telling us where they are. I know both Bruce and Ben have them on their Facebook profiles.

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  1. 51st out of 57 at Lydgate? I thought that was one of our better ones. Disappointed with that.

    If anyone's interested, I have a video recording of that. It's about 60Mb and I don't have any web hosting space, but if you give me a recordable CD I'll happily put it on for you. It's in Quicktime *.mov format.

    11 Jun 2006, 14:56

  2. Also, I take responsibility for the last place at Uppermill. Sincere apologies for my performance there – I was shite, and it showed us up.

    11 Jun 2006, 14:57

  3. Hang on – I'm sure that just said 28/28 a minute ago… what are you doing Dave?!

    11 Jun 2006, 14:57

  4. Editing freely as I go…...

    11 Jun 2006, 15:10

  5. So varying from "almost last" to "mid–table obscurity".

    What on earth happened!?

    11 Jun 2006, 15:17

  6. sounds about right, but i didn't think we played that erratically. Uppermill was where I played it best so I take responsibility for dragging us down at the rest cos I was playing like a lemon all night

    11 Jun 2006, 17:17

  7. Magic. If in doubt…

    Anyway, full analysis as I see it:
    Crap, middling, crap, middling, not very good, not very good. Best: middling. Worst: crap. Average: Not very good.

    Anything I've missed out?

    11 Jun 2006, 17:17

  8. Forgot Delph was busier than the others.

    Change the last one to middling

    11 Jun 2006, 17:18

  9. I was going to say… I wouldn't say 40/75 is that bad. I thought, given the amount of time we'd had to drink beer by that stage, we gave a good account of ourselves at Delph. I still think the Lydgate adjudicator got his results sheets mixed up though.

    11 Jun 2006, 17:22

  10. has this been blocked from the most popular blog list thing already? i'm sure it should be up there soon at this rate, they can't keep blocking us, we're the people that keep them in a job…

    11 Jun 2006, 17:30

  11. I was fucked from uppermill onwards….it seems we did best during that time tho :–S

    also, i know not many people heard them, but how did we manage 2 beat leeds at delph???

    i'm not complaining mind!!

    11 Jun 2006, 17:36

  12. they sounded solid i thought, but we were more interesting musically. i think it's our interpretaion of the piece with arbitrary accels when approaching semiquaver sections

    11 Jun 2006, 17:40

  13. Matt Shields

    Average position at Delph in the four years I play there: 30.5

    Position in the first year I miss it: 40

    Postion in the year Skinner played rep with no 2nd valve slide: 23


    11 Jun 2006, 17:43

  14. Photos are currently sitting on my hard drive; they'll go up once my exams are over, when I can be bothered to put them on there!

    Like Ben, I've also got a couple of videos – one of everyone in the ring at Lees, a couple of everyone marching at Uppermill (doesn't sound too bad considering!), and a couple of comedy ones. If anyone wants a copy I can probably also bung them on a CD. Might as well put the photos on too since I'm not going to get round to them for a while!

    11 Jun 2006, 18:48

  15. Top of the popular blogs list! Woo!

    Actual comments. Despite going back home to get my camera before leaving, the only photos I have are of me on the Bb bass at Delph. Uppermill seems to be our best result. It was also the village where I realised there's a key change at the Trio. Didn't really matter that I'd not noticed earlier, though, the only E I had there had a natural accidental anyway.

    11 Jun 2006, 19:00

  16. If people could send me copies of any videos I'll put them on the website so that everyone can see them.

    12 Jun 2006, 07:42

  17. And as for stats, I'm expecting Mr 'Maths, Operational Research Statistics and Economics, I'm Now A Man Of Leisure With Nothing Better To Do, Craigy P' to provide with us with full analysis, complete with a discussion of wether any changes are significant or not.

    12 Jun 2006, 08:29

  18. We're listed in the complete Saddleworth rankings at 31: link

    12 Jun 2006, 14:56

  19. What does the phrase "qualifying bands" mean above those results? Do you have to play a certain number of villages to qualify for an official ranking?

    12 Jun 2006, 15:45

  20. 6, I believe.

    12 Jun 2006, 15:49

  21. VBS Poynton 6th overall? Didn't realise my local band were quite that good.

    12 Jun 2006, 16:31

  22. There are some photos from Delph by a professional photographer here: link

    13 Jun 2006, 12:40

  23. Looking at those results, there weren't too many of the big bands around saddleworth this year…

    14 Jun 2006, 11:08

  24. Jon Ford

    Was good to see you all again at Whit Friday. In response to an earlier post we did do more than 3 villages, we did 6 but we appeared to be listed as 2 seperate bands originally! (LUUMS and Leeds University Union)

    20 Jun 2006, 14:31

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