March 22, 2007

Whit Friday

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Whit Friday: June 1st 2007

The provisional exam timetable is now out. Who can make it?

I have an afternoon exam on the 1st and a morning exam on the 2nd (which I can’t afford to drop) so I reckon that pretty much rules me out unless they change the dates on the real timetable :-( first missed Whit Friday in 7 years!

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  1. I can’t :-(

    23 Mar 2007, 17:45

  2. I can’t… and I didn’t get to go last year either… :-(

    01 Apr 2007, 13:50

  3. Matt Gilbert

    I’ll be over from Germanland for it and should be available to play if you’re short on cornet/flugel.

    10 Apr 2007, 10:44

  4. Looks like results are out. Fairly respectable results compared to Leeds/Durham:

    05 Jun 2007, 09:23

  5. Where can you find out how many played in each place? It’d be more meaningful knowing how many each score was out of.

    05 Jun 2007, 09:39

  6. J

    The numbers who played at each place were (Warwick results in brackets):
    Delph – 84 (72)
    Dobcross – 61 (47)
    Grotton – 50 (47)
    Lees – 50 (48)
    Lydgate – 66 (66)

    Yes, I am bored at work.

    05 Jun 2007, 09:48

  7. So, not all that great then… :-) Thank you, mysterious “J”! (who doesn’t even have an IP address)

    05 Jun 2007, 11:11

  8. Hehe, yeah I saw the spreadsheet last night – fair to say not our best performances ever :-D. Ah well.

    05 Jun 2007, 11:15

  9. its not that bad. you had a good laugh and that’s what we go for… result!

    I’m intrigued as to who J is. I reckon its skinner. He’s the only J i can think of who has a proper job who’s not supposed to piss around on the internet all day

    06 Jun 2007, 11:50

  10. Skinner

    Not guilty I’m afraid. I actually have too much work to do frittering away taxpayers’ money to be looking up contest results that early in the morning. Or indeed to be so closely watching BrassSoc’s blog as to be replying to a comment within ten minutes. Looks like Sait’s work to me. I reckon he’s just had that final pint that tips him over the edge and he’s forgotten who he is. It’ll happen to us all one day…

    That was all in all something of a disaster results-wise. And the marching was a bit ropey as well, despite the hours of practice some of us like to get in after falling out of pubs. Still, great day – thanks guys. Not long to go to the next one, as Beery Dave would say.

    07 Jun 2007, 00:13

  11. Matt Shields

    I was sorry to miss you guys on Friday but perhaps not so sorry to miss your playing… ;)

    My band (Regent Brass) had a fairly good day of it. Only one we did with you was Delph, where we came 26th. Out best result was 13th out of 45 at Stalybridge Celtic, one of the Tameside contests.

    Incidentally, you can often fit more in if you do a few of the Tameside ones as there can be less waiting time and they are close together. They are still frequented by the big boys (Black Dyke or Fodens for example) and Carrbrook is nearly as good as any Saddleworth contest for atmosphere while Denton has a great chippy.

    Also, try Greenfields (between Lydgate and Uppermill) if you ever get the chance. The wait can be long (though not for beer!) but the crowd is huge!

    07 Jun 2007, 10:31

  12. J

    I wasn’t closely watching the blog, I just happened to post 10 minutes after the last person. Anyway, I’d done an hour and a half of work by then and it was time for a break.

    Keep guessing (it’s really not that hard!)

    11 Jun 2007, 10:23

  13. Julia?

    12 Jun 2007, 18:26

  14. Skinner

    Apologies for implying that you had a brass band/Warwick blogs obsession, Mysterious J. Also I was clearly not thinking the other night, since it now seems a lot more like Miss Picot than Dave – but curses I have been beaten to it. Damn these work computers not allowing me to post!

    Er, I mean, not that I was wasting time at work. Wasn’t supposed to admit that given what I said before. Oops. Pot, kettle… Bugger.

    13 Jun 2007, 19:22

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