March 08, 2005

Societies Federation Meeting…???

I [el Presidente] went to the societies federation around 2weeks ago to apply about making the society official. A seemingly very helpful lady and I held a conversation about the whole process…

So how do i make the society official?
Oh its simple just hand in those forms you have

ok. Do i have to see the federation comittee?
yes, they are meeting on Monday 7th March, they will email you about the meeting and when they want you to come

Oh u will need my email then... ill write it on here ok?
thats fine thanks, they will be in touch shortly

Are there any other meetings?
No, this is the last one this year

Ok, well hopefully ill get it authorized
Yes well they will be in touch soon

The 2 weeks went by and no response. The meeting that was apparently scheduled today is non-existant and now there is no record of our society ever being put forward for review… Just what is it with this university.

Rest assured I will make this society go through. I've ordered further dispatching of yet another 100 more posters (despite a lot of them being taken down by the Union!) and slowly the numbers are increasing. We're edging very close to the 30 names required…and once that is achieved watch us flourish.

An AGM will be called very shortly and our society will happen, with or without union backing/support, mainly becuase I'm bloody impatient and don't like beauracracy as it is (and not because i cant spell it).

Oh and dont worry about the seemingly large Christian Influence in the last post… I'll have words with Jill, and there will be no visits to Lyn's baptist church.
"You Christians, what is it with you, always try to get people when they are down"

Updates to follow
el Presidente

February 28, 2005


Oh yes indeed.

If you look around tomorrow you may see some new posters!

Mmm. And very lovely they are too. nods

Anyways, they are encouraging everyone to join our society! Which you should all do because it's fabulous.

And besides which, we faced snow, biting cold and Humanities students to put those posters up!

And the physics corridor too.


More details to follow, most especially contact details for our acting exec. And also how the societies federation meeting goes.

Fingers crossed, or pray, or whatever it is you do, that it all goes well!

Lots of love,


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