March 27, 2005

Vote twice on May 5th

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No this isn't an entry encoraging you to commit fraud…

Infact if you live in two different places (as many students do), you may be able to vote twice in Local elections, if your two addresses are in two different Council areas.

For example if your home address is in Staffordshire and you live in Warwickshire whist at Uni you can vote in both elections on May 5th, povided you are on both electoral registers.

Of course it may be inconvienient for you to be in two places at once, you you may want to apply for a postal vote for your home address at

Local elections are being held for County Councils only, so they may not be being held where you live. They are being held in Warwickshire (Leamington, Kenilworth, plus Hurst, Cryfield, Redfern, Lakeside, Heronbank, and any other residences on that side of Gibbet Hill Road). There are no local elections in Coventry and the rest of campus this time.

In the event of a general election you are only allowed to vote once, regardless of how many times you are registered (although it is up to you where to vote).


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  1. Ok its not illegal. But how do you feel about it morally? Are you cheating the system?
    How do you sleep at night BJ?

    28 Mar 2005, 19:30

  2. Well Parliament has decided, in its wisdom, that this is how elections are to be run, so I don't see that it is cheating the system.

    There may be some case for moving to "one person one vote" but we are quite a long way from that – many people can't vote for fairly arbitrary reasons, and some people get the vote even though they don't live here.


    29 Mar 2005, 17:20

  3. Reemal

    I can always count on you to impart wisdom on me Benny.

    A friend told me the other day, that his American friend doesn't vote because he feels that he is too young to make an informed decision. What do you think about reducing/increasing the voting age?


    30 Mar 2005, 22:16

  4. Well I would reduce it to 16 as that is when people start working / paying taxes etc. "No taxation without representation!"

    We can't start denying people on the vote just because they aren't well informed, if we did that there would be no end to it!

    31 Mar 2005, 14:28

  5. Thanks for the link to the form, it was very useful

    04 Apr 2005, 14:08

  6. if students have two votes, and we choose to exercise this right, then we would have a much greater say in the future of the country than many otehr demographics. so to all u sceptics out there, who say "one vote wont make a difference", well two might!

    SO VOTE!

    ps could we extend this somehow to council elections, whereby certain faculties' students' votes carry more weight??? unethocal maybe but im sure more from that faculty would vote!

    12 Apr 2005, 14:16

  7. No–one is entitled to more than one vote in a general election though, so you can't legally influence the running of the country that way!

    12 Apr 2005, 14:38

  8. well the grassroots is where it all starts…

    14 Apr 2005, 10:39

  9. Peter Parkes

    In fact, there's very little to stop you voting twice in the general election. Read my post (link) for some thoughts.

    14 Apr 2005, 11:46

  10. Richard

    I’ll be voting in my University city council elections. Welsh Assembly elections and my home town elections!

    02 May 2007, 10:40

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