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May 04, 2005

Disciplinary Verdict

Well as had been decided some time ago the Union Disciplinary found John Cross guilty this afternoon at about 5.30 pm.

Most of the investigating Officer's report, such as the bits about annonymous questions, were disregarded as irrelevant, but the fact that the irrelevant evidence was ignored isn't a lot of consolation, if the panel then convicts on the basis of no evidence.

It turned out that the action was being brought under the 11th ground for disciplinary action:

Any behaviour which causes a student, guest or staff member to lodge a complaint.

Yes, that's right, if you take any action which causes someone to lodge a complaint, that in itself is a grounds for a disciplinary. It could be walking into Cholo, tying your shoelace, speaking on Union business, casting a vote… any action at all is grounds for a disciplinary.

It was accepted by the panel that John didn't break the constitution, its appendicies, regulations, the staff-student protocol or the law. And yet a disciplinary was proceeding because a member of staff had complained.

Union Council is going to consider whether we should have a new set of disciplinary regulations, which would stop this kind of nonsense happening. I hope they give the current regulations the vote of no confidence they deserve.

Incidently John was finally convicted of causing offence to a member of staff and of compounding this offence by not retracting his statement. He was never told that he was being tried for causing offence at any point during the proceedings.

Maybe Simon Lucas was right to tell John to stop wasting time by persistantly asking for a copy of the charges. After all, if the charges can change just before the verdict is announced, what would be the point of looking at them at all?

Now John's been ordered to apologise and clarify his remarks to Union Council. It's difficult to see why he would want to do either of those things, so it seems that the only thing the Union has acheived today is to waste everybody's time.


Today's Schedule

So, its the day of John Corss's disciplinary hearing.

The schedule today looks set to be as follows:

1230 – Demonstrate outside Union North to protest about this disciplinary action.

1430 – Hearing begins.

Later – John found guilty by panel.

Tommorow's schedule includes

Before 1600 – John lodges appeal against guilty verdict.

1900 – Union Council meeting in S0.21 to give the disciplinary regulations a vote of no confidence – all welcome.

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