March 17, 2007

Silly money

I’ve just read something on BBC Sport which, for a couple of seconds, actually made me feel sick.

From this page:

“Cristiano Ronaldo is set to sign a five-year £28m contract and remain with Manchester United. (The Sun)

However, it is reported Real Madrid are ready to step in following the rejection of Ronaldo’s £140,000 a week wage demands at Old Trafford. (The Guardian)”

£140,000 per WEEK?!!

Will someone give the silly boy a smack in the face and wake him up to reality? It makes me so angry. Not only would a week’s salary at that level pay off all my (rather substantial) debt – not only my pilot training costs but my student loan and overdraft as well – and still leave me enough to buy a posh car in cash, put a deposit on a house and give me about 10 grand in spare change, but it’s the fact it’s that hateful, arrogant, cheating, whinging little arsehole who’s demanding it. Goodness knows for how many months or even years a week’s worth of that salary could keep an African village in food and clean water.

Or perhaps, unfortunately, this is reality. Football is going down the drain at the moment. It’s not the game it used to be – there’s too much money being pumped into and thrown around by the top four clubs to the detriment of every other in the league. It’s about time people like Cristiano Ronaldo woke up to what the game actually means to the fans, the people who effectively pay his wages but will soon be priced out of the game. It’s unsurprising to see how attendances have generally dropped – football is too expensive and it’s contracts like this which cause it. I find it quite upsetting to see that players and agents feel they can happily demand this sort of money, it’s absolutely immoral. But what can ever be done about it?

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  1. Rob Greenwood

    Wage capping policies at all clubs, imposed by the FA, that brings all premiership players above the cap down to a certain level at the same time, or more simply just a max cap at the highest existing rate.

    Totally agreed. It’s an insane situation. It does give chavs something in life to aim for though. :) Just ask Lee Bowyer!

    19 Mar 2007, 15:23

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