August 06, 2007

I would just love… find out where the ringleaders of Plane Stupid or some of these other hygienically-challenged climate loonies are based, hire a Cessna (or even better, something loud like an old WW2 warbird) and go practising PFLs into their back garden all day.

I hope the injunction that’s served up on the hippy brigade stops them getting too near any bits of Heathrow where they can disrupt the airport or the people using it too much. I’ve no objection to people protesting peacefully and non-disruptively; if all they want to do is pitch a few tents, wave a couple of banners and generally create a scene for everyone else to ignore (and hopefully get drowned out by the incessant taking off and landing of aircraft) then that’s their problem. If, however, they try to do what they did at East Midlands, i.e. break on to the airfield and hold a protest in the middle of a taxiway, there’s nothing I’d love more than to taxi an Airbus or Boeing out, point the engine exhausts at them, go to full power and blow them, their tents, their scruffy dogs and their supply of lentils and vegetables into the middle of Wales. How satisfying would that be…

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  1. I believe the leaders of the protest had already stated that they would not actively disrupt flights before the injunction was created (as I’m flying from Heathrow this evening I’m quite pleased). As a point of interest though the injunction also covers such hard line groups as the National Trust. I’ve always said they can’t be trusted…

    07 Aug 2007, 10:36

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