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December 11, 2006


What a busy day it has been. However I really enjoy it as I experienced a lot during the LE module. Everything was so impressive.

I believe everyone in this university has the same purpose as me when they come here, LEARNING. Learning anything you don’t know from anyone, including your teacher, your friends, your team mates. Learning is very important to everyone, but the most important thing is the process of learning. We are learning not only from the bookds, but also from discussion, teamworking, negotiation, collaboration, alliance, agreement, disagreement and so on. One thing should not be neglected during the process, that is understanding and appreciation (sorry I steal the word from Rui’s blog). So I appreciate for the everything they have done and everyone. So many times I say thank you in my heart. Thank you for your understanding, supporting, encouraging and advising, also thank you for your patience, listening and persuading.

So far, I have learnt one thing, maybe the most important thing, understanding. Understand my friends, my classmates, and even my self. Moreover, try my best to understand other people’s situation and position.

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