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December 19, 2008

Leadership 1 (Coaching)

Recently there has been a concern about my PMA and Paul had offered me a chance for a discussion.

Thanks Paul for the sharing and that actually helps me a lot and i have done a lot of thinking after that.

'The most important element is learn from your mistakes' this is very true and I will sort my time management as well

What we have discussed is too long to go into the blog but a little bit of thinking refeering back to leadership

'the whole discussion with Paul was like a game of coaching. I was being a coachee obviously and I gained a lot. Paul started the discussion didn't really say anything. He gave me the opportunity to start and to share what i think before he gave any comments and suggestions. To me this is exactly how a leader should be- 'a good listener' then he analysis the situation and brought up encourage words and made me feel positive.

I am feeling more relax now and concentrating on my work and planning for X'mas

Have a good X'mas u guys and a Happy new year.

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