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October 23, 2008

Seminars….. Quality????....

In a manufacturing factory, Manager A said ' Guys, dun worry, it's ok to make mistake, we can correct it.'

He was retired and a new Manager was appointed. He is a fresh graduate from MBE course, walked in to the factory and at the opening he said

' Why Dun We Make it Right The First Time'


Continous Learning in MBE class (Seminars)

I am going to keep it short here. All I wannan say is I can see there is a continouse improvement in our seminars.

From the first time we did it, majority of us didn;t know what to do and what to contribute to the seminars. However as time goes on, and the more knowledge we have about Business Excellence, We are more aware of what we suppose to do and the points on the notepad from everyone has become more Quality.

A point was even raised that the seminar topic doesn't fit us anymore as we have already had the knowledge of it
I am glad to hear that and this is really continous improvement of the class.

Thanks everyone in the course. target for myself is to participate more in class discussion.

From Billy Billy Billy...............

Continous self–improvement & Learning

Continous SELF-improvement!!!

After week and week we have bean talking about continous improvement within an organisation. Personal I have

been thinking about self-improvement. How would I be able to enhance myself, what are the targets and what can be improved in the current routine I have at the moment.

I have to admit that I have been late a few times, however I would blame 75% to the traffic. I live in Stoke (20 mins drive from Uni) I left home at 8:20 this morning and I was still 15 mins late. I lost my temper in the car. The way to improve it is probably seek a new accommodation closer to Uni. Fortunately I have found someone in Charter Avenue (Near Tesco) and I will be moving in next Monday. Hope things will go smooth.


The presentation on Tuesday was the first ever presentation I have ever had. I was really nervious and credit to my Team (1) everyone is helpful and they have given me a lot of ideas.

The presentation was about comparsion between ISO 9000 and EFQM model. Before the presentation I had absoutely no idea what they were.

Personally I think Presentation is a very good way of Learning. I have not expereienced this sort of learning before. The learning Process lies on the research bit. Through a lot of reading and research, I then needed to cherry-pick information to be included in my presentation. In deepth understanding of the material can then be achieved. Furthermore presentations from other groups act as a supplimentary for own's study. this is like a cycle, my presentation is their supplimentary while theirs are mine. Finally looking forward to new presentation for myself, hopefully I will be a presentation black belt by the time i left warwick.

October 20, 2008

Blog Virgin

First time Blog-writer. Could not creat entry b4 since there is no internet at home.
I am at the computer lab finishing my Presentation of ISO 9000 Vs EFQM.

Great Thanks to Smily for staying with me and become my only audience of my draft presentation
Got to work hard tonite and prepare for it.

Tmr guys

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