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March 12, 2009

KBAM 3 (reflective of seminars and group work)

the seminar in a debating style is really interesting and it enhanced our interest on the topics

although it has been rasied that research has not been carried enough...... however I still think that we had sufficient amount of information.....

the debating manner was really good then.... atmosphere was good....

appreciate to Paul for his prepartion ......... such as the ground rules he set for the debate

Finally listensing has been largely improved by everyone.... this is because in a normal seminars people would not normally pay that much of an attention to the speaker..... while in a debate we have to carry active listening.

For the group work.... our team has done a great job.... really appreciate my team members.... we have put some effort and in return we had fun and I really enjoyed it...

Tasks were cleared...... everyone had a chance to do the meeting
potential leaders can be seen... we have been much better than when we first started the course

well done guys!!!

March 09, 2009

KBAM 2 (steps for implmentation)

below are copied from a website....
although it is copy and pasted....... it is really useful

Steps for implementing an effective knowledge management program or practice are:

1. Identifying knowledge - Organizations needs to identify all sources of the knowledge and information so that it can be consolidated, stored in the centralized or distributed repositories, and shared and distributed when required.

2. Organizing Knowledge - Once the knowledge sources are identified, next step is to organize and provide structure to knowledge into organizational taxonomy. It helps not only in removing unnecessary and redundant information but also provides structured navigation to the information. In this step, organization need to understand boundaries of explicit and tacit knowledge. This step requires lot of thoughtful thinking and analysis from people and organization perspective.

3. Transforming Knowledge - Knowledge needs to transformed in a way so that it facilitates in making decisions and building new strategies. The knowledge needs to internalized, socialized and externalized so that it is shared and applied in most efficient manner. Further read 'How to transform the tacit knowledge into explicit form?'.

4. Measuring knowledge benefits - No process can be improved if it it is not measured for success. The key to success of knowledge management is the ability to measure the effectiveness of the implementation and narrowing it down to returns through revenue. The monitoring and control on processes are necessary to identify opportunities for eliminating redundancy and allow for continuous improvement.

KBAM 1 (health & Safety)

How Health & safety related to asset management??

UK figures in 2004/05 shows that 220 workers were killed at work....

this is scary..... relating that to the company's finance book,

company has a large bill to pay for the compensation once they found guilty of not doing the right thing for health and safety proceduer,,,,,...

personal experience at work, during the induction week, the first session if not the most important one will defintely be health and safety.........

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