April 25, 2009

KBAM post module 1

For the PMA, we have to examine how one aspect of AM, we would apply KM to to help WaveRiders to achieve excellence performance.

Therefore the first stage would be the process of chossing an aspect of AM. Having done a review on the mini-project that our group has produced, I have chosen Health & Safety as the aspect for this PMA.

The reason being is because of personal experience at work, during the induction day/week, the first priority for the manager to show me is the fire exit and other elements that are related to Health & Safety.

In the UK, the legislation clearly defines that employers have to obligation to provide a safety environment for their employees to work in. Failure to do so could be sued.

Human are the most important asset in the company, therefore I believe that by having a good health and safety policy and procedure in place could help the company to prevent it's asset (human). On top of that, organisations could face hugh compensation cost if employees suffered from injuries at work.

Therefore there is a need to trasfer the heathy and safety issues around the company and ensures that all employees are fuly aware of them. There are various ways to do it, which will be examined in the PMA.

To be continued.......

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  1. i think in a lot of organisation (incld the one i worked) H&S are usaully delegated to H&S dept which is a bit like quality depat, ppl see it as assessor, they behave well when HS officer come to look but go back to the normal way when HS offcier not looking… it really is everyone’s role to manage HS not just HS department… i think some cases i read before about this succeeded by forming project teams that carry out HS project and invovle employee in mini work group to see what they think about the ideas proposed by project team…. that is one way to raise the awareness

    30 Jul 2009, 14:55

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  • i think in a lot of organisation (incld the one i worked) H&S are usaully delegated to H&S dept whic… by on this entry
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