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February 24, 2005

Atomic Ball and other related things

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Wow, I haven't left a blog in ages! Well exams are nearly upon me, revision is hell, labs are even more hellish and I just wanna sleep! Good news though, we have a venue confirmed for the ball: Bosworth Hall. In the end we have decided to go to the same place as last becaus e, well, they're just so damn good there! Thanks soooo much to Louise for all the work she's put in to the ball so far, and for Lewis and Jamies support and for sorting out all the financial and beurocratic issues.

So, now we know that the Atomic Ball is going to be on the 21st May at Bosworth Hall, with the tickets going on sale in week 10 this term. They are probably going to be £35, including: Coaches there and back, a champagne welcome, a three course meal (with about 1/2 a bottle of wine each) and coffee followed by Chris Carter Djing in to the night. All in all a pretty damn good night and at pretty good value thanks to the sponsorship of the Chemistry Department and Warwick Effect Polymers (Dave Haddletons company).

Watch out for the poster going up soon and get your tickets early to avoid disappointment cos we always sell out!

Oh and don't forget, the spring Chinese is Tuesday week 10 at the Oriental Star. Again, Posters will be up soon.

February 03, 2005

Atomic Cov N Colli Pub Crawl

Writing about web page

Yet another pub crawl has desended upon us. Woohoo! Although this time we have a better thing to end it on than mirage, Its Colli! I hope this all goes down well with everyone. I've also got me big Bros coming up for the night to, so should be a great night.Hope to see you alll there!

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