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October 14, 2006

room harmonics

One thing I often like to do when I’m alone is to find one of the sound harmonics of the room I’m in. I achieve this by humming in a variety of frequencies until I find one that sounds louder than all the others (without actually humming any louder). For those that have not done A-level physics, this is basicly caused by the sound wave of your voice and the sound wave of the resulting echo interfering with each other. Most of the time, this interference doesn’t have any percievable effect, but if you pick just the right frequency, Bingo! the whole room resonates to the sound of your voice. Try it! Bathrooms are paticularly good because of the echo. So are empty lecture theatres.

October 12, 2006

Duplicate post

This was originally a duplicate of the last post. Shouldn’t have clicked the button twice.

Cool jobs

I often give some though to what I shall do when (and if) I grow up. Although I understand warwick Maths graduates to be highly employable, it’s not enough to get a cool job. Consider this list of cool jobs:

- Pirate. I’m told this job still has good prospects in Far Eastern waters. However, it’s the stereotypes that are half the fun (Yarrr!), and I suspect that sailing in on an impressive galleon, triangular hat on head, parrot on shoulder, might only result in one getting laughed at.

- King. I don’t just want to be a dictator. I want a royal sceptre and a golden crown. I shall of course be a benign monarch, bringing happiness and prosperity to my loyal subjects, and being kind and gentle to whomsoever I should condescend to deal with directly.

- Time traveller. I’ve been watching too much Dr Who.

- Ninja. All that dressing up in black, carrying a katana, throwing shurikens at people. Right up my street I think.

Any you would care to add to this list? I want to hear your thoughts.

October 11, 2006

Have your say on…

Which lecture theatre do you think is the best to sleep in? Is it a maths lecture room? Is it a sociology lecture room? Of those I have encountered, R0.21 made me the most sleepy. When I did doze off, I slept soundly for the remainder of the lecture; I wonder if it’s open at night.

The 'question guy' has a blog!

I, Ben Simpson (the crazy one), better known to Maths freshers as ‘the question guy’ have finally bothered to sign up for a blog. The purpose of this blog is to record my more ‘novel’ thoughts, that I might be reminded of them later. I think of many interesting things in a day, but they cannot find a free space in my terrible memory. It’s partly due to this memory that I don’t drink: the events of the previous night always seem like a hazy blur anyway. The other reason is that I find myself able to do crazy stuff when I am stone-cold sober (although, for the above reasons, I cannot name an example). This is because I evaluate the wisdom of an action by a different method than most people seem to (and, in my opinion, a far simpler one). When I describe an action as ‘wise’, I mean that it has, at least in my mind, passed the following checks:

1 – There is a moral reason for doing it. Being Christian, I am primarily concerned with what is right in the eyes of God (as far as I am able to discern). If there is a moral reason not to do it, don’t. If not, proceed to step 2.

2- There is no moral reason not to do it, but there is a practical reason for doing it, i.e. it will save time, help you with your course, etc. If there is an important practical reason not to do it don’t. If no such reason exists, proceed to step 3.

3- There is no moral reason not to do it, no practical reason not to do it, but it is fun. If not, then the action, is unwise, in that it is neither righteous, nor sensible, nor fun.

Thus, if you were to say to me “I wish to bounce on yonder bouncy castle”, I would say “that is wise”, in that there is no moral reason not to, no practical reason not to (usually), and it is fun. Getting drunk, on the other hand, is (I suspect) immoral, so I prefer not to do that. Since these are the criteria I use to decide whether or not to follow my impulses, it’s not very surprising that I end up doing some rather odd things from time to time. Whenever I ask most people what method they use to decide whether an idea is a good one, their reply seems to indicate that they hadn’t spent as long thinking about it as I have. That said, I respect that spending hours in thought on (perhaps rather obsure) matters is not a common pastime.

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