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October 12, 2006

Cool jobs

I often give some though to what I shall do when (and if) I grow up. Although I understand warwick Maths graduates to be highly employable, it’s not enough to get a cool job. Consider this list of cool jobs:

- Pirate. I’m told this job still has good prospects in Far Eastern waters. However, it’s the stereotypes that are half the fun (Yarrr!), and I suspect that sailing in on an impressive galleon, triangular hat on head, parrot on shoulder, might only result in one getting laughed at.

- King. I don’t just want to be a dictator. I want a royal sceptre and a golden crown. I shall of course be a benign monarch, bringing happiness and prosperity to my loyal subjects, and being kind and gentle to whomsoever I should condescend to deal with directly.

- Time traveller. I’ve been watching too much Dr Who.

- Ninja. All that dressing up in black, carrying a katana, throwing shurikens at people. Right up my street I think.

Any you would care to add to this list? I want to hear your thoughts.

Duplicate post

This was originally a duplicate of the last post. Shouldn’t have clicked the button twice.

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