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June 07, 2014

Dear, Management for Business Excellence 13–14 !!

I would like to use this blog in order to say Thank You for everything that was happened in here (WMG - Management for Business Excellence 2013-2014). Due to it brings me such an excellent experience whether in terms of learning or living, which basically shaped me by a surrounding environment. I truely believe that MBE will assist me a lots in my future life, especially for my working aspect. As there are numerous useful and effective strategies, techniques or frameworks provided by a course, which will be able to differently deployed into various circumstances also. In addition, the learning environment of MBE is completetly different from another course in accordance with my observation, which I personally think that is very efficient and valuable for my learning expeiences that I never faced before due to this is my first time for studying abroad as well.

Importantly, I would like to Thanks Paul and all of the tutors for every single thing that you gave to us, which I think is more than just a knowledge for sure. Likewise, I would like to Thanks Silvio, Carlo, Charles, Crystal, Fidan, Goktug, Helen, Kaushal, Kenny, Andy, Miriam, Oge, Rasheed, Roma, Sehee, Sid, Uzair, Vanessa and Jennifer (Sorry if my spelling was wrong) whether the one who I had a chance to worked with or who that I nerver worked with for everything that we did here. I personally think it was very awesone ! Even sometime we had conflicted in terms of working, but, eventually we still understand each other.

I hope that this relationship, this friendship that we have made here will stay in our memories forever and ever.

I do appreciate and glad to be here, at MBE & Thank You Paul and all my classmates.

Ake_Sitthikorn B.

June 05, 2014

One of the best practices for sharing knowledge !

Actually, it seems to general that human beings are looking for a compensation when they do something for others whether in terms of tangible and intangible objects, which completely depended on each person such as some might say I just want to hear the words "Thank You" or just smiling face for a compensation rather than cash, so, within organisational context, especially for business environments, those practices seem to be one of the most importants element within a company. Otherwise, decreasing or even stopping shared valuable matters can be occurred due to they may feel they are doing nothing for themselves but just only for another person and organisation whereas this thought can be emerged in some person but not always occurred in all personnel. Anyway, therefore, encouraging people to share valuable matters between each other through the methodology of rewarding within a firm seems to be vitally important.

So, implementing the methodology of rewards in order to enhance as well as motivate others to share their valuable matters, which mainly focused on knowledge factor to another person maybe in terms of appropriated additional benefits such as reputation or credibility of that person is significantly involved whether in group or individual as well. Due to some might comfortable to share knowledges in form of team or group to support each other rather than individual form. Importantly, I personally think that sharing knowledges in the form of team or group to others seems to be more effective if compared to individual aspect because building trust within that team is primarily caused before the knowledges are sharing to others within organisation. Due to those people are supposed to genuinely trust between each other, otherwise, they will not willing to share their knowledges to another person surely even within the same team or department. Therefore, obtaining both essential benefits from personnel whether trust and knowledge sharing is automatically emerged within a firm after the implementation process of suggested practice, which is rewards for sharing knowledge within an internal factor.

More importantly, in accordance with my own experiences, no knowledges will be shared if there are no motivations or inspirations in order to do that, especially for the salary man because they always think that they also get nothing from a company after they sharing their valuable knowledges. Hence, they decide to keep all their own knowledges within them whether in terms of ideas or attitudes that should be raise during the meeting. Due to I used to talk with them regarding this point and what I have typed are directly came from my colleagues thoughts. Thus, it seems to be fewer options to let personnel want to genuinely share their knowledges, which gathered from their own experiences. But, rewards can be one of the most effective practices to solve all that problems. Also, trust among personnel within group is subsequently happened.

Ake_Sitthikorn B.

June 04, 2014

Avoiding the errors !

In accordance with every situation that mainly aimed at organisational context, there are numerous instabilities can be occurred due to some significant errors that mostly caused by human factor. To be more specific, memorisation aspect seems to be one of the most influence causes concerning the problem, meanwhile, be benighted as well as unawareness are also another cause that lead to the problem. Therefore, intensively and subtly cared on them is the best way out from all the problems whereas it seems impossible that the problems can be 100% removed as we are human being, so, mistake is the general thing that can always be made by us whether in working or studying life. However, identifying essential errors that can be occurred within all situations in accordance with human mistakes will analyse and explain within this blog.

So, basically, in terms of perceiving and understanding information is one of the causes concerning instability. For instance, there is no instruction of how to properly and correctly used machine or tools and equipment maybe in terms of language or nothing provided, also, some information are already provided but hardly to observe them such as small texts or some obstructions right in front of the instruction or sign of something hazard, which can be able to caused a number of negative effects if it is not appropriate used. In addition, forgetting on something or incorrect understanding on something can also be leaded to drawbacks as well, which seems to be normal practices of our human being concerning these problems, which sometime are incorrectly perceived or obtained the distorted information from some sources or even correctly received information from reliable sources whereas they are just automatically forgot by themselves in accordance with period of time. Hence, gradually and continuously reminded and repeated necessary information to them whether in the aspects of working or learning in order to avoid negative effects seems to be the best practices, likewise, improving and developing their knowledge or thoughts that specifically focused on that matter are simultaneously emerged.

Actually, according to our human beings, it cannot say that we will be able to 100% protect errors or mistakes that caused by us, whereas, I personally think that these kind of factors can be dramatically reduced or decreased through the methodology of situation awareness in all levels, which will surely declined unnecessary costs or expenses in accordance with wastes factor. Also, avoiding interference from the hazards or damages that caused by instability disaster is genuinely happened within organisation as well. Then, gradually improve, develop or even fix organisational defects that whether made from previous generation or another generation people within a company can be continuously solved in accordance with all these effective practices.

Ake_Sitthikorn B.  

June 03, 2014

Sharing knowledge to others ..

Generally, all people contain various and different kinds of knowledge within themselves, which normally are seperately gather from different sources such as literatures, educations or experiences factor. So, within an organisational environment, it seems to be difficult in order to let them share their knowledges with each other due to some people might think that their knowledges can provide them a benefit or advantage among others. Also, competing with each other in order to gain organisational compensation such as higher salary or promotion is the main reasons that is why they are basically not willing to share their own knowledges. Hence, it is very essential for an organisation who aims to be a competitive advantage among the market due to human resources is the most important element within organisational context. Still, it is not that easy to do that practices.

Significantly, focusing on different factors that why people are not want to share their knowledges is primarily essential because it requires a number of effective and useful practices for unlocked their perspectives about sharing a knowledge. So, based on my group meeting as well as my opinion, we realise that culture, process and leadership are the three main effective strategies to let personnal share knowledges. For instance, building trust among them to let them perceive that no one is competing with another one whereas all of them are doing for organisation, also, sharing their cultures in order to provide them more deeply understanding between each other is vitally important. Meanwhile, arranging like gradually, weekly or even monthly meeting between people who are working within the same group, department or even different department for the purpose of brainstorming or discussing between them regarding works, which basically focused on organisational improvement and development seems to be another effective practice to let them automatically and genuinely share knowledges. Likewise, more importantly, gathering all people within a firm in order to motivate or inspire them for sharing their thoughts with respect to work is another useful method, which this practice seems to be one of my daily studying life in MBE because Paul always let us share our own thoughts concerning specific point before the class, which personally I think it is very useful and effective practice even for the student who chooses to be a good listener instead of sharing thoughts can also be received some new and effective knowledges from another student instead of only from Paul, which the person who perfers to sharing their knowledges are directly received new ideas or attitudes from Paul also.

Therefore, I personally think sharing knowledge between each other even within school or workplace is very essential for success whether for studying or working purpose because people will obtain more skills and abilities in accordance with their fields to develop their further perceptions of what they are currently doing. So, in my opinion, all of these points are one of the most effective practices in order to enhance or optimise our own's skill set.

Ake_Sitthikorn B.

June 02, 2014

Ensuring situation awareness within organisational context !

In all organisation contexts, a number of practices are primarily done by human factor and that seems to be the general practices within all firms. So, concerning those practices, especially in decision making part, its requires some certainties in order to start or do the processes, otherwise, some organisational drawbacks may be occurred in accordance with carelessness of people. Also, some people might think that their knowledges that gather from literatures or working experiences are effective enough to implement or apply within any further examinations regarding future results, which this issue seems to be one of the most frequently emerged in decision making practices within an organisation. Hence, ensuring that the concept of awareness is taking into account within all situation is essentially important in order to avoid those types of event.

So, to be more precise, focusing on collecting information practices to avoid from the errors will be discussed within this blog. Basically, information within organisation can be missed in some parts concerning mistakes that made by human as well as some information are not be able to detect or observe in each particular event, which some people decide to start or continue their processes without any concerns of those problems ans that will be able to cause disaster. In addition, referring to our human being, some information or data that we are not familiar with even sometime we need to spend a lot of times on them still can be forgotten as well such as right after the exam period, a number of students are all forgot their knowledge that specifically focused on the test. Likewise, previous problem can also be happened within working environment. Thus, continuously review them in order to avoid mistake or misapprehend before perform is very important, especially for the people who are working with hazard objects or unsafe environments that required a number of cautions before implement or do them.

Importantly, ensuring that all previous practices are taking into consideration in each stage of decision making is extremely important. Due to gather information issue is the most frequently occurred errors if compared to another error, which are interpret and anticipate errors. So, in my opinion, I personally think that all previous practices are very important for all organisations who operate within unstable or even stable environments such as chemical, drilling or even engineering firm. Due to these types of company are always require to do experiment in order to looking for something effectively new to the market or another purpose, which I also want to say that human factor is the most influence part concerning all these events, so, emphasising effectiveness on them to avoid uncertainties seems to be one of the most effective practices for situation awareness within organisation.

Ake_Sitthikorn B.

June 01, 2014

Let's caring the environment !

Basically, all organisations need to consume a number of factors in order to operate their businesses forward, which mainly based on their types of business. However, one of the most consumed factors is seemed to be an environment that surrounding around us such as atmosphere, plant or aqua. Due to numerous organisations are required to seriously comsume those factors to move their businesses, especially for the company that operates its business with factory or manufactory, namely, industrial organisations. Due to those kinds of elements are generated massive pollutions or contaminations out to the earth. Therefore, managing and caring them in order to reduce or remove from organisational process seems to be one of the best practices that all organisations should concern currently.

Therefore, in terms of asset management, there is one important practice which is called environmental management, which directly match to the EFQM Excellence Model to raise organisational standard as well. So, variety of practices in order to reduce pollutions, for instance, recycling some wastes to use them again if possible or minimising quantity of processes or productions that will affect environment, at least, not stop but gradually reduce them is also helpful in the long-term and for sure it is better than do nothing. Also, one of the obvious issue that caused by pollutions or contaminations from industry is global warming problem, which impacts our human being in the aspects of living all over the world. Hence, that is why all those suggested practices are vitally important. In addition, basically, it seems to be impossible that all those unnecessary practices will be totally removed or stopped whereas just slightly or gradually reduce them seems to be the best practice that all organisations can do.

Importantly, in practical, reducing wastes within the process of production through the methodology of reusing wastes (recycle practice) in the middle of processing practice within factory is one of the simple and tangible practices that all organisation can easily do. So, in my perspective, I think that all these practices are very important in accordance with our global's current situations in terms of environments because a number of existing and new organisations are aiming to emphasise on their amount of sales, so, surely, increasing in production line in order to produce their products to be on sale is automatically occurred within this situation whereas some of them are still not care the environment factor as much as they have to concern. Thus, seriously focused on this aspect is essential, which some countries are also concerned through the practice of creating campaign concerning the problems in order to educate and invite their working people to taking all these problems into consideration such as green project or environmental friendly campaign and so on.

Ake_Sitthikorn B.

June 2014

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