March 18, 2014

Changing them rather than firing them !

Within an organisation, there are numerous employees who are working with respect to organisational objectives. Of course, separately personnel into many different departments such as marketing, human resource management or accounting in order to simultaneously drive an organisation forward is seemed to be the most effective structures in every organisation, especially for hugh organisaion. However, over-staffed is also one of the major problems with respect to organisational structure in terms of personnel. Also, some organisations decide to fire them out referring to their performance whereas some organisations are decided to providing them a chance via coaching before firing them, which totally depended on executive's decisions.

In addition, different people contain different personal background in terms of knowledge, which directly impacted performance within firm. Alternatively, transferring or moving them into another department via coaching or teaching by experts within an organisation with respect to their willingness mainly. So, possibly, establishing quality personnel instead of firing them can be occurred. Also, in reality, numerous people realise that what they are good at regarding works while they are working rather than studying, so, those kinds of problems can be occurred. Hence, provided coaching from leaders or managers can be another option in order to optimise their performance. Due to employees are willing to learn rather than find a new job, if an organisation that they are working with is good enough in terms of emotional aspect regarding employees. Also, some people are not always good at what they have learnt in accordance with their working positions. Hence, providing chance to them instead of firing them is quite important.

Lastly, providing chance rather than firing employees is extremely important with respect to emotional aspect within an organisation, also, encouraging others who are in the same situations is included. Personally, I strongly believe that second chance is important for our human being, especially for working environment. Whereas, removing person who is not willing to improve is also taking into account. Hence, containing quality workers will be surely occurred within that organisation.

Ake_Sitthikorn B.

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  1. Do you believe that everbody deserves second chance?

    18 Mar 2014, 23:36

  2. Sitthikorn Benjavanichroj

    First of all, thanks you Nihat for your question.

    My answer is “YES” but it also depends on what is the mistake that made by that person, if it is not that much serious, so, that person deserves second chance for sure.
    Especially for business context that contains numerous mistakes across an organisation that commonly made by people.

    18 Mar 2014, 23:53

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