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July 06, 2014

Numerous aspects of “KNOWLEDGE” ! ..

The word “Knowledge” can be referred to a number of meanings as well as a number of directions to directly use it, especially within business environment. Also, there are varieties of knowledge across the world, which all of them are all meaningful for another factor with respect to the scope that knowledge was surrounded. Thence, who can genuinely obtain the values of the knowledge whether in terms of business or not seems to be a person who is lucky. Due to a number of knowledge are concealed by an expert, which normally he or she is not fully express his or her knowledge out to another people as much as taker is expected, especially in working environment that contains many obstacles or causes regarding sharing knowledge. In addition, knowledge seems to be a powerful weapon in each person to compete with others, thus, obviously, there is no one who will drop or give their weapons to another people surely and that is because their own weapons can also be able to raise them up into next achievements in that field of competition (Within organisation that they are working with).

However, there are still some people who contains more than one weapon such as business owner or executive who always share their own thoughts or attitudes to their employees whether in managerial or operational level because it worth for them to share their knowledge to another person due to as much as knowledge that expressed by them will be turn to something values into their organisation eventually in some ways.

Therefore, fundamentally, there are a number of thoughts of people concerning sharing knowledge whether in organisational or another context whereas it seems to be more difficult in order to let people share their knowledge within working environment, so, applying or using some assisting tools or practices such as methodology of knowledge management seems to be one of the excellent options in order to let people share their knowledge directly and sincerely.

Ake_Sitthikorn B.  

Emotional aspect within boundary of sharing knowledge ..

Basically, there are various practices for organisation in order to utilise its internal knowledge for purposes of organisational improvement and development. Therefore, a number of organisations always think that using or implementing expensive or costly strategies or practices is the best option in order to get best practice for using knowledge within company whereas actually it is not an only efficient option to do. However, there are still numerous techniques that costless but effective as well as reliable and easy to follow the step of implementation as well. But, trying to seek for the most suitable and appropriate in accordance with overall organisational circumstances is vitally important. Otherwise, a number of negative effects can be occurred within a firm that directly caused by this practice likewise. Therefore, obtaining best-fit of organisational knowledge management in order to optimise another organisational sector will be occurred.

In addition, both tacit and explicit knowledge can also be transferred or shared through recommended methodology also. In reality, I personally think this practice seems to be one of the effective options for organisation to share knowledge whether in private or public sector. Also, a number of organisations contain skilled employees whereas they are not willing to share or express their knowledge to another and even to a firm that they are working with because they are not feel enough comfortable as well as trust on their surrounding environments that seems to be the main cause of concealed knowledge within enterprise.

Therefore, aiming to build trust or excellent organisational environment that mainly focused on emotional aspects of personnel to let them share knowledge to others is essential. Due to emotional aspect is one of the main influences to let people share their expertise whether in the aspects of working or another also. Meanwhile, trying to continuously sustain knowledge that received from personnel from one generation to another generation within an enterprise in order to gradually improve and develop organisational capability is important.

Ake_Sitthikorn B.

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