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July 05, 2014

Emergency planning, ISO 14001 and Corporate Social Responsibility practices ..

Due to one organisation, especially for huge organisation is consisted of a number of facilities in it, also, different facilities can be able to provide different values to a company likewise. Therefore, trying to make them more secure as much as a firm can seems to be another essential practice for company that contains variety of facilities. However, aiming at the most suitable policy and practice in accordance with overall organisational situations is crucially important, which is called emergency planning. Hence, an enterprise will be able to handle or manage unexpected events (e.g. the natural disasters or emergency that occurred by nearby facilities) when they are occurred in terms of reducing damages as well as recovering from damages faster than general organisations who did not well-prepared in terms of emergency planning, which this practice is very important because all facilities in organisation seems to be the root of organisational improvement and development also.

 On the other hand, as much as facilities within organisation can be able to produce a number of pollutions or negative impacts for external environments likewise, which is seemed to be one of the crucial aspects at the moment within our earth as well. Therefore, trying to sustain, maintain or reduce those kinds of problem is essential for organisations, which there are also some of effective standards that defined criterion in accordance with this issue such as ISO 14001. Also, doing corporate social responsibility (CSR) simultaneously with ISO 14001 in order to be a green organisation is seems to be a type of organisation that genuinely needed for our environment at the moment. Meanwhile, reducing world’s serious problem such as global warming can be emerged also, if a number of manufacturing organisations are doing this practice.

 In addition, for an organisation as WaveRiders who produces boats is essentially required that practice also because it can be able to reduce world’s pollutions as well as increasing organisational image at the same time, which caused by the CSR practice. So, in my opinion, intensively focused on whether emergency planning, ISO 14001 or CSR is vitally important for current manufacturing organisations.

Ake_Sitthikorn B.

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