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June 05, 2014

One of the best practices for sharing knowledge !

Actually, it seems to general that human beings are looking for a compensation when they do something for others whether in terms of tangible and intangible objects, which completely depended on each person such as some might say I just want to hear the words "Thank You" or just smiling face for a compensation rather than cash, so, within organisational context, especially for business environments, those practices seem to be one of the most importants element within a company. Otherwise, decreasing or even stopping shared valuable matters can be occurred due to they may feel they are doing nothing for themselves but just only for another person and organisation whereas this thought can be emerged in some person but not always occurred in all personnel. Anyway, therefore, encouraging people to share valuable matters between each other through the methodology of rewarding within a firm seems to be vitally important.

So, implementing the methodology of rewards in order to enhance as well as motivate others to share their valuable matters, which mainly focused on knowledge factor to another person maybe in terms of appropriated additional benefits such as reputation or credibility of that person is significantly involved whether in group or individual as well. Due to some might comfortable to share knowledges in form of team or group to support each other rather than individual form. Importantly, I personally think that sharing knowledges in the form of team or group to others seems to be more effective if compared to individual aspect because building trust within that team is primarily caused before the knowledges are sharing to others within organisation. Due to those people are supposed to genuinely trust between each other, otherwise, they will not willing to share their knowledges to another person surely even within the same team or department. Therefore, obtaining both essential benefits from personnel whether trust and knowledge sharing is automatically emerged within a firm after the implementation process of suggested practice, which is rewards for sharing knowledge within an internal factor.

More importantly, in accordance with my own experiences, no knowledges will be shared if there are no motivations or inspirations in order to do that, especially for the salary man because they always think that they also get nothing from a company after they sharing their valuable knowledges. Hence, they decide to keep all their own knowledges within them whether in terms of ideas or attitudes that should be raise during the meeting. Due to I used to talk with them regarding this point and what I have typed are directly came from my colleagues thoughts. Thus, it seems to be fewer options to let personnel want to genuinely share their knowledges, which gathered from their own experiences. But, rewards can be one of the most effective practices to solve all that problems. Also, trust among personnel within group is subsequently happened.

Ake_Sitthikorn B.

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