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June 03, 2014

Sharing knowledge to others ..

Generally, all people contain various and different kinds of knowledge within themselves, which normally are seperately gather from different sources such as literatures, educations or experiences factor. So, within an organisational environment, it seems to be difficult in order to let them share their knowledges with each other due to some people might think that their knowledges can provide them a benefit or advantage among others. Also, competing with each other in order to gain organisational compensation such as higher salary or promotion is the main reasons that is why they are basically not willing to share their own knowledges. Hence, it is very essential for an organisation who aims to be a competitive advantage among the market due to human resources is the most important element within organisational context. Still, it is not that easy to do that practices.

Significantly, focusing on different factors that why people are not want to share their knowledges is primarily essential because it requires a number of effective and useful practices for unlocked their perspectives about sharing a knowledge. So, based on my group meeting as well as my opinion, we realise that culture, process and leadership are the three main effective strategies to let personnal share knowledges. For instance, building trust among them to let them perceive that no one is competing with another one whereas all of them are doing for organisation, also, sharing their cultures in order to provide them more deeply understanding between each other is vitally important. Meanwhile, arranging like gradually, weekly or even monthly meeting between people who are working within the same group, department or even different department for the purpose of brainstorming or discussing between them regarding works, which basically focused on organisational improvement and development seems to be another effective practice to let them automatically and genuinely share knowledges. Likewise, more importantly, gathering all people within a firm in order to motivate or inspire them for sharing their thoughts with respect to work is another useful method, which this practice seems to be one of my daily studying life in MBE because Paul always let us share our own thoughts concerning specific point before the class, which personally I think it is very useful and effective practice even for the student who chooses to be a good listener instead of sharing thoughts can also be received some new and effective knowledges from another student instead of only from Paul, which the person who perfers to sharing their knowledges are directly received new ideas or attitudes from Paul also.

Therefore, I personally think sharing knowledge between each other even within school or workplace is very essential for success whether for studying or working purpose because people will obtain more skills and abilities in accordance with their fields to develop their further perceptions of what they are currently doing. So, in my opinion, all of these points are one of the most effective practices in order to enhance or optimise our own's skill set.

Ake_Sitthikorn B.

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