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June 02, 2014

Ensuring situation awareness within organisational context !

In all organisation contexts, a number of practices are primarily done by human factor and that seems to be the general practices within all firms. So, concerning those practices, especially in decision making part, its requires some certainties in order to start or do the processes, otherwise, some organisational drawbacks may be occurred in accordance with carelessness of people. Also, some people might think that their knowledges that gather from literatures or working experiences are effective enough to implement or apply within any further examinations regarding future results, which this issue seems to be one of the most frequently emerged in decision making practices within an organisation. Hence, ensuring that the concept of awareness is taking into account within all situation is essentially important in order to avoid those types of event.

So, to be more precise, focusing on collecting information practices to avoid from the errors will be discussed within this blog. Basically, information within organisation can be missed in some parts concerning mistakes that made by human as well as some information are not be able to detect or observe in each particular event, which some people decide to start or continue their processes without any concerns of those problems ans that will be able to cause disaster. In addition, referring to our human being, some information or data that we are not familiar with even sometime we need to spend a lot of times on them still can be forgotten as well such as right after the exam period, a number of students are all forgot their knowledge that specifically focused on the test. Likewise, previous problem can also be happened within working environment. Thus, continuously review them in order to avoid mistake or misapprehend before perform is very important, especially for the people who are working with hazard objects or unsafe environments that required a number of cautions before implement or do them.

Importantly, ensuring that all previous practices are taking into consideration in each stage of decision making is extremely important. Due to gather information issue is the most frequently occurred errors if compared to another error, which are interpret and anticipate errors. So, in my opinion, I personally think that all previous practices are very important for all organisations who operate within unstable or even stable environments such as chemical, drilling or even engineering firm. Due to these types of company are always require to do experiment in order to looking for something effectively new to the market or another purpose, which I also want to say that human factor is the most influence part concerning all these events, so, emphasising effectiveness on them to avoid uncertainties seems to be one of the most effective practices for situation awareness within organisation.

Ake_Sitthikorn B.

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