November 01, 2013

We are EFQM

This whole course, and module, has led to me developing a much larger and stronger understanding of the EFQM Model. The whole aspect of the EFQM model, from self assessment, to independence on work and the sharing and transfering of knowledge, links heavily to the learning environment on the MBE course. I remember people who have queried the learning environment, feeling they are not getting enough structured content. However, the whole point of this course is to develop our own ideas and thoughts, to challenge views, to share and develop knowledge, to come up with different ideas. If we are lectured one view, by one person, we are likely to learn very little, and are unlikely to actually understand the content of what is being said.

From my previous degree, I could regurgitate many things I was told. One example that comes to mind is from a module entitled Social Theory at Work, where themes and topics of how people perceive things at work, such as in the Social Constructivist view, I discussed in essays and my exam, but I actually have no idea what it is, what it means and how it works! However, in the MBE learning environment, my knowledge has actually developed, and I am understanding things thoroughly. Deming himself states the importance of understanding knowledge, and I think the learning environment of MBE is helping to facilitate this.

Therefore, I feel the whole structure of this course (in some ways based on the EFQM Model) is a more beneficial environment for me to learn. Rather than be spoon fed, I am having to do independent reseach, which in turn leads to me understanding what I am actually talking about, rather than being just able to repeat something I've been told.

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  1. Anne Ayang

    I could not agree any less Benjamin

    02 Nov 2013, 09:13

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