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October 08, 2004

Tip Of The Day

Packed day for nadia, who walked ard all over looking for westwood dance studio, but couldn find the damn place! oh well.. all of us, DID however make it to the msian dinner!!! yay!!
met other msians, and had msian food! (not top notch food, but hey its msian, so wateva!)
group 5 (w nadia in it!! mememe! keke) won! and got to eat first.. yayay! following tt, all the msians went our separate ways, and this is where the vodka and cuban cigar comes in. generous n well supplied amar, had cigars! (yippee-ya-o) but word of advice fr me – dont drag!! it ll really go to your head like half an hour later.. trust me, i know.. tts it, for tip of the day! dont drag on cigars!
<3 nadia

October 06, 2004

Find your soul–sports mate here!

Need to exercise? I always hear Nadia complaining of getting fat..(as if!)..and she's always wanting to jog (I hate jogging).

As a result, I decided to set up this blog to meet everyone's health fetishes. Wanna play tennis (like me) but no one to do it with? Or badminton, or just the odd frisbee? Want to show off your newly gained muscles but no one to show them to? (Nick?)

Use this blog area to make a sports meeting with.

So, anyone up for tennis?


As the 2nd official occupant of bennys 207–04 I welcome you to the website of bennys 207–04!! Lurv the site eh? Well so do i..!
Had second free taster session for frisbee today, have to say it was a ROUSING success!! =P Pat on the backs for cheryl, nadia, faeez, lutfi, wave, and shake for an unprecedented 6 times without dropping it!!!
Of course, nadia, cheryl, and faeez holds the world record of 10 times! but it is probably gross misconduct to compare newbies to the experienced frisbee-rs!
Besides that, please be reminded that it is just a mere 1 pound to continue funding such creative and hospitable excellence in hosting our legendary socials..
with a wink and a nod, i sign out.
<3 nadia

Free meals!

Well, me, Nadia, Wave & Rowan recently attended this society meeting (won't say which one in case one of the society's execs stumble in here) that were offering FREE FOOD. Obviously, we went for the FREE FOOD.

However, we got abit shy and decided to run away after 15 mins of listening to speeches and still saw no sign of any FREE FOOD. After that experience, I was thinking that it is good to join the MSA so that we don't feel shy doing such things. Only Msians will understand this. Haha…it's our instinct, our keen sense of smell for FREE FOOD.

Btw, I got a tip off for FREE FOOD in another society. Want to know which one? Can't tell you here. Ask me in person. However, my food informant services are not FOC. To join my society of "Free Food 411", that will cost you a mere 2 pnds. A discount of 1 pnd! What a bargain!

But I can tell you, that this FREE FOOD will last a month! =)

October 05, 2004

Welcome!!! =)

Hey everyone! Me and Nadia thought of creating this block for anyone and everyone esp. for those who knows us to just basically blog here together.

Why did we name our blog benefactors207–04? Well, Bennys 207 is currently a meeting place for many in reality. So why not make it virtually too?

So, kick back, relax and blog away. Anything, everything, under and above the sun.

Btw, me, Nad & Faeez had a fabulous time having our own 'Ultimate' Frisbee game this evening behind the Rootes Residence. Anyone care to join for the next one? Just sign up and pay 1 pound. It's a lot cheaper than signing up for the society (Oops! Hope the society ppl don't see this). All proceeds go to funding our room and it's content (i.e. snacks) for visitors like yourselves (our friends!) =P

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