October 05, 2004

Welcome!!! =)

Hey everyone! Me and Nadia thought of creating this block for anyone and everyone esp. for those who knows us to just basically blog here together.

Why did we name our blog benefactors207–04? Well, Bennys 207 is currently a meeting place for many in reality. So why not make it virtually too?

So, kick back, relax and blog away. Anything, everything, under and above the sun.

Btw, me, Nad & Faeez had a fabulous time having our own 'Ultimate' Frisbee game this evening behind the Rootes Residence. Anyone care to join for the next one? Just sign up and pay 1 pound. It's a lot cheaper than signing up for the society (Oops! Hope the society ppl don't see this). All proceeds go to funding our room and it's content (i.e. snacks) for visitors like yourselves (our friends!) =P

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  1. nadia and cheryl is da bomb! read our blog, and comment – so we know u read it.. we da bomb! so we need fuel for our explosive creativity – fuel us!

    05 Oct 2004, 23:06

  2. Faeez

    The underground frisbee society also provides free training!! Learn to launch and throw frisbees in style! Discover Nadia's technique of determined-scrunched-up-face! Have fun at the same time! All for the price of 1 pound!

    Join! Join!

    06 Oct 2004, 00:43

  3. A 'friend'

    The benefactors207–04 is a great place to visit. Just look at me…i've spent 40 mins during the computer basics doin nothin. where do i go? Benefactors207–04…great place to go, anytime, anywhere, anyhow (when you have nothing better to do) Hehe….peace out.

    06 Oct 2004, 09:39

  4. 'Public' Enemy

    no comment

    06 Oct 2004, 12:57

  5. Haha! Sorry guys for the late announcement for our most recent frisbee social. It was held at the field outside the Maths and Stats building. Our 'club' has expanded to consist of an additional 3 members i.e. Lutfi, Wave & Shakir.

    Btw, if you guys are seeing this, you are in debt to the club of 1 pound each.

    06 Oct 2004, 21:50

  6. So called 'member' of pirated frisbee club...

    1 pound ?? What a ripoff… we didn't even get any snacks from the founders. Luckily we got Lufti's place nearby to provide free snacks… So next time provide some drinks also la, to attract 'members'... hehe

    06 Oct 2004, 22:40

  7. Oops! Hope the society ppl don't see this hehe, well the old "ultimate frisbee" society have now seen this… lets hope that you join up…
    exec of ultimate frisbee

    07 Oct 2004, 00:20

  8. Apparent 'frisbee' member

    Haha! Are you sure you want us to join up? We have bad butter fingers. Amidst all the 6 or 10 in a row tosses without dropping, you must understand that there was probably 100s more that we dropped. Haha…What a lousy rate of 5%...or less…

    07 Oct 2004, 09:51

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