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July 05, 2006

St George would be proud (?)

Writing about web page

On a related flag/Isle of Man/football note: I loved the sentence in the following news report that "She can paint over it if she wants".

St George would be proud (?)
England flag house surprises wife

A woman who thought her husband was painting their house got a shock when she woke up an found a St George's flag daubed on the side.

Floyd Wilson spent several hours up a ladder by his house in Douglas on the Isle of Man on Friday night.

His wife, Donna, did not know about the mural and thought he was painting the side of the house as a treat.

Mr Wilson said she had a few choice words upon discovering it, but added: "She can paint over it if she wants."

The Leeds United fan painted the flag on his house, in Close Cowley, on Friday night while his wife was asleep.

"She thought I was painting the house as a treat for her. She thought I was painting it white," he said.

"She was hanging the washing out this morning at about six o'clock and she heard the bin men walking down the street singing 'England'.

"She came around to have a look at them singing and then saw the wall.

"She rang me and swore at me a few times."

German sensitivities…

Writing about web page

Manx flag causes World Cup mix–up

manx flag

I was over on the Isle of Man for my gran's 99th birthday at the weekend, and spotted in the news that a supporter from the island who tried to fly the Manx flag at a World Cup game was marched off by police in handcuffs after it was mistaken for a Nazi Swastika.

I guess the German police were expecting trouble.

As it's the Manx national holiday "Tynwald Day" today a little education might be in order (Tynwald is the Manx Parliament and at over 1000 years old, it is the oldest parliament in the world in continuous existence):

Why the three leg symbol was adopted by the Isle of Man is unknown, but its existence can be traced as far back as the thirteenth century. It was first used as the coat of armours or armorial bearings by island kings from Norway. The accompanying motto is "Quoconque jeceris stabit" translating literally as "Whithersoever you throw it, it will stand"

By the way, local people have an explanation as to why the legs turn anti–clockwise; this is in order that they do not kneel to the British!

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