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October 23, 2006

Pointy hills and wholemeal scones

Writing about web page

The Outdoor Group undertook a pleasant little bimble yesterday up and down the Strettons. Despite dire weather forecasts most of the walk was dry- although the slippery slopes meant we got closer to the wildlife than intended! It was too wet for proper scuffing of leaves, but the autumn colours were simply stunning- lots of crimson berries and burnished gold beech leaves… and to finish the walk in the wholefood cafe the Acorns with a massive wholemeal scone smothered in jam and clotted cream was a most satisfying end.
view from the top of Ragleth Hill

GPS should make navigating easier...

at the top

blue rinse sheep

sheep with blue rinses

woolly fence

meeting the locals

autumn colours


October 17, 2006

Gorge scrambling in the snow?

Apart from the photos of lunch, the picture quality from the waterproof camera is awful. There simply wasn’t enough light. So anyone in the group’s fears about cringe-worthy photos are very much unfounded… you can hardly see more than a helmet, never mind recognise who it is :-(





October 11, 2006

living with a wetsuit

No doubt this will bring groans of recognition from others… isn’t it a bloomin’ pain having a wetsuit+gloves+boots all hanging round the bathroom? Not to mention the shock factor when you wander in half asleep at night and there’s a figure lurking in the shower…!!
then there’s all the camping gear I’m tripping over (until I get a chance to clean it and stow it away)...
camping clutter
camping clutter

October 10, 2006

What a weekend!

The Outdoor Group reigns supreme! Saturday gorgewalking (photos and a proper blog entry to follow), then Sunday and Monday on the Pembroke coast- with a great walk along the coastal path on Sunday and body boarding (first time!) on Monday… unfortunately no time to write much about it now… but all that really needs to be said was that it was fantastic!
ready to go!
Pembrokeshire coast
Freshwater BeachFreshwater Beach - Pembroke
Freshwater Beach
shame people can
Freshwater beach on Sunday
Pembrokeshire coast
bit windy!

September 15, 2006

Whitewater Punting

Ok. How can punting be deemed a suitably thrilling activity for the adrenaline junkies of the outdoor group to include it on their busy itinerary?

Perhaps we should have taken the punt out onto whitewater rapids? Could’ve been interesting, but I’m not sure we’d have got the deposit back (or punt for that matter) if we had.

Or would it be more exciting if I started this with a 999-Lifesaver style introduction?
(imagine Michael Buerk’s voice)

How Richard saved Tania’s life
For press officer Richard, the 10th of September 2006 started off like any other Sunday. He never dreamed that, before the day was over, people would be calling him ….”A Hero”...
Shocking images of a daring dive into the murky depths of the Cherwell.

Or maybe not.

Truth be told, it was a terribly civilised outing, gliding between colleges and admiring the sights… not quite the Pimms and picnic scenario of Oxbridge undergraduates, but getting there.

Of course, there were the odd encounters with hawthorn bushes which induced impressive outbursts of swearing- from me because I couldn’t get the stupid pole upright enough to push off from the bottom and from the crew because of the inconvenience of being snagged and scratched without warning.

Just a few photos for now- more to come.




swanning around

Looking cool?
looking cool?


Go girl, go!


Philosophising on a jaffa cake…

recording it all for posterity

September 04, 2006

do you mean this photo?

Follow-up to Tryfan from Alison's blog

Rich- Do you mean this one? Oops and now I’ve published it…



Setting out in the sunshine…

Don’t mess with the mountain goats…
Tryfan mountain goats



Views on the way up…

Me and Adam (or is it Eve??). As soon as we got to the top it started throwing it down with rain… but that didn’t dampen spirits…

Is it radioactive? Has it come out of Teletubby Land?? Should we get the mountain rescue???

On top of the world… (well Tryfan anyway)



Sunshine (and the sea) in the distance




Tryfan in the sunshine…

August 25, 2006

pub paddle

Ready for the pub paddle_22.8.06
Great 4 mile paddle from Leamington to the Saxon Mill and back on Tuesday.

And no–one capsized (not even me)!

Memorable moments: the views of Guy's Cliffe from the river at sunset link ; the Saxon Mill's lights reflected in the water; the family of swans at the weir eyeing us with a mix of contempt ("how dare you be here in our water") and majestic indifference (we know we're superior– just look at your pathetic paddling as we glide graciously past…)

view of Guy



Lickey Hills Bimble

Richard – "God, it's a barren, featureless desert out there, isn't it. "
Barry – "The other side you fool"

Is Rich being camera shy or is he trying to hide the fact we stopped for ice creams on our bimble to the Lickey Hills on Sunday?!
No photos please

Tania, on the other hand, has no such scruples.

The panoramic views of… Longbridge 1

Follow the leader…



August 07, 2006

A bimble in the Clent Hills

Yesterday was the first bimble of the Outdoors Group, undertaken by Rich, Tania and myself. Before you ask, a bimble is a leisurely walk over undemanding terrain. Ours was about 4 miles with numerous stops (a drinks break, an ice–cream stop and a number of sit–downs/ photo opportunities). Not the most demanding of itineraries, but all in all a very sociable and pleasant afternoon.

I'm sure Rich and Tania (as experienced Comms people) will come up with much better captions for the photos… but as a first attempt:

Are you ready?

are you ready?

Look what I can do! (with a little help from my friends)
Look what I can do (with a little help from my friends)

The role of the Press Officer is to support colleagues…

the supportive role of the press officer

Tania's ready for speed dating at the Communications Day

Tania: "aahh look at the poor wee lamb…"
Tania: ahh poor little lamb...

No idea what they are, but aren't they pretty?
pretty flowers

Interesting tree (look carefully at the roots)
Interesting tree (look carefully at the roots)

I said to look carefully at the roots…
Alison and the tree again

We made it!

We made it with style!
made it!

Look what I can do!

So can I!


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