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February 22, 2007

Lost for words

Writing about web page

Have you seen the section of the BBC language website “Lost for words” with people’s language blunders? Just seen that one I sent in has been posted:

Film Trailers

I was wanting to find out whether there was a trailer for the film I was going to see, and as I didn’t know what the German word for trailer was, I decided to make it up: Vorspiel. I reasoned that it would mean something like “before the performance”. However, it was clear from the surprised/amused look on the ticket seller’s face that I’d got it wrong. It turns out I asked whether there’d be any foreplay… oops! Trouble is, I still don’t know what I should have said – I just know I won’t be asking that again!

Helpfully there’s an editors note:

Editor’s note: You were on the right path. The German word for trailer is Vorschau.

February 12, 2007


Popped in to see Sarah on Friday and met Stan (aged 1 week). He has the unnerving ability to open just one eye to check out whether it’s worth waking up properly… which most of the time I was there it wasn’t! Hence the pictures of him asleep!!
Stan and Sarah
Stan and Sarah

February 09, 2007



We do get some odd adverts sent to us at Estates…

How to increase productivity

Anti fatigue mats
Would you believe it?!
If this is true, we can cut the work force by 10% overnight (and buy a few mats instead).
No mention of the evidence for such a claim though…

February 07, 2007

Spanish Test

A Mexican visiting the United States goes into a store to buy a pair of socks. He speaks no English and the clerk doesn’t know a word of Spanish.

Through pantomime, the Mexican tries to explain what he needs, without much success.

The clerk brings out shoes, then tries sneakers, then slippers, then laces, all to no avail.

Finally, he brings out a pair of socks and the Mexican exclaims, “Eso si que es!” [=that is it]

Says the exasperated clerk, “Well, for crying out loud. If you could spell it, why didn’t you say so in the first place”?

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