April 24, 2010

ENVC Exercise 4 – updated


There is the opportunity to lead a new team that will introduce a new (or substantially amended) service. Conduct a self-assessment exercise as suggested in the notes and outline how your sectoral, managerial and personal skills match the service.

For the purpose of this exercise let us assume that the new services are being introduced by IBM Services organization and below self-assessment is therefore based on the current situation.


Purpose & Ability:

I felt satisfaction when I could convince people to do what I needed them to do in order to achieve a goal or task despite their original push back. The high moments of my life include achieving challenging goals on my own, e.g. self-sponsored work & travel. Low moments are on the contrary failures in moments when other people put trust in me or situation when people failed me while I have put trust in them. Criteria to measure my high and low are performance related: expectation –> achievement with element of trust.

Personal resources



Sector skills

I have been working in IT sector in last 12 years and have a solid knowledge on it. I have gain most experience through support functions working with internal customers (brands, sales, etc).

I have never worked with nor faced external customers. Most of my sector knowledge and experience comes from dealing with hardware and software, little with services.

Management ability

I have worked in purchasing area, customer support operation area and financial operation. I led and managed teams and was able to work through complex matrix organization collaborating with sales and brand teams, marketing, HR and others.

I have a tendency to push and focus on execution mainly while underestimating importance of linking to a big picture. I find it difficult being able to translate strategic missions to small operational teams.

Personal atributes

I am reliable in execution, leading team towards goal achievement, determined and am good at using network of my peers and upward management. I feel particularly strong in being able to push execution through organization and functions bringing them together and making them work as a team. I enjoy communication with people.

I have less sense for strategy, am weaker at pushing through my own innovative ideas and am sometimes unnecessary hesitant.

In the results of my Belbin’s self-perception test three dominant types are

·        Coordinator

·        Monitor

·        Shaper

As per Belbin’s team role profiles in Figure 1 picking from the strengths including focused, extrovert, analytical and makes things happen are linking to what I have shared in first part of the answer above. From the weaknesses I can link to not creative and intolerant, which are in a way also similar to above analysis.

In the team I prefer to work with two other profiles based on Belbin, which I believe are complementing my profile and therefore working with these types of profiles can form a good team:

  • Implementer – I benefit from the drive of implementers and treasure their practicality which I sometimes lack. Their controlled behavior and approach to topics is fitting my preference for structured and organized workflow. Weaknesses are not generally contradicting my profile or I can handle them well.
  • Completer, Finisher – my weak spots is ability to plan well and efficiently carry out the tasks. These profiles are always motivating me and pulling me back to basics to stay focused on the main goal. Sometimes I find it difficult to manage the weaknesses of completer/finisher as they tend to worry too much and are not able to approach challenges with ease.

Figure 1.

Personal objectives

Year 1

Year 3

Year 10

What do I want to have ?

I want to have reasonable financial securities.

I want to have achieved level of experience sufficient for senior position.

I would like to have my own business and have sufficient resources to enjoy working for myself.

What do I want to do ?

Gain position in the area of Services. Get back to people & team management.

I want to be able to influence organization structure and cooperation in order to deliver better results.

I want to run a small private company in the area of services or retailing.

What do I want to be ?

Services finance leader or leader of operations. Preferably I would like to have a role closer to customers

I would like to be in an executive role.

I want to be a leader of my own company.


As the new services require determination and execution focus in terms of Purpose and Ability my personal profile matches the position. My experience in the sector is long term, but not “first hand” which is a disadvantage. The key drawback is no previous experience in sales area facing the customer and no services experience. When introducing a new service this might be a risky choice. On the other hand I have already experience from hardware and software operations, which can provide a background and network. Previously I successfully lead various teams therefore am fitting the requirement of leader capabilities. My strengths in personal attributes area are needed for the position, however strategic leadership is a weak spot.

Belbin’s type analysis result (Coordinator, Monitor and Shaper) are valuable and relevant for the position. Should there be Implementer & Completer/Finisher in the team this will help to create a good working team.

My personal objectives are matching the new role.

Overall, the new position is challenging for my type of profile, however there are several matches with the requirements. Weaknesses can represent a problem therefore education and experience in stable services environment would be required.


Burke, A. (2009). Warwick MBA: Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation. Coventry: Warwick Business School

BelbinM. (1984), Management Teams: Why They Succeed and Fail, Oxford

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  1. Harminder Singh

    Hi Beata,
    it is interesting how the way we see ourselves, the way others describe us and how these types of analysis can become ‘self-fullfilling prophercies’- my own view is to see ‘weakness’ as limitations and to understand the problems of language e.g. in my experience shapers/monitors are also typically innovative, which is outward appearance of creativity? This is a self-reflective answer and is the basis of effective leadership.
    Becasue we can end up seeing ourselves in the way others see us, it is important to think about who we surround ourselves with – in this exercise use Belbin to think about who you would like to work with.

    25 Apr 2010, 09:44

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