April 14, 2006

Sporting dreams

I remember last year thinking what were the things I most wanted to see in the wrold of sport over the next few years?

First place England Winning the wrold cup (football)
Second place England winning the ashes (cricket) This one happened

others were:

Britain increasing their medal tally at the next summer Olympics
A British cyclist competing at the top level of road cycling, ie challenging for major tours and world championships particularly the tour de France
A British tennis player winning a major ( preferably Wimbledon)
AFC Wimbledon getting into the football league
Also London hosting the Olympics (Going to happen)

What are other peoples

March 30, 2006


Something that caught my eye a couple of summers ago


March 29, 2006

Things that have impressed me recently

The film Inside man; I though it was well put together and was very watchable. Good performances all round too.

Arsenal Last night against Juventus; particularly Fabrigas, and general tight defending and incisive attacking moves.

Also interstingly in 1896 the olympic bronze medal was awarded in a time of :
12.6 seconds for 100m Men (there were no women competing in the 1896 olympics)
4 minutes 36 seconds for 1500m
I believe there are many Warwick students that could have got amongst the medals if they were thier!!!!

March 27, 2006

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my first Blog

Thank you for entering, I hope you enjoy, reading, looking at, interacting with, complaing about my blog.

NB this clearly was supposed to be the first entry in my blog, sorry still getting used to the rudements of blogging.

By the Way here is an very addictive game

March 26, 2006

A meaty topic to start, 'Numbers at University'

This is something I have considered for a while and thought would be a good way to starts my blog.

Though I was prompted by this remark in the middle of a totally separate debate.
"Tony Blair wants 50% of the population to get a degree. I've never heard such a load of cobblers. That was tried in, of all places, Soviet Russia in the 1970s, with disastrous consequences. Farms couldn't get workers, professors had to sign on near-illiterates to fill quotas (something beloved of the central planning control freaks in the Blair gvt, with their obsessions over waiting lists etc), and education was soon seen as a joke, something any fool could get. By contrast, those who could actually do something such as tradesmen became greatly in demand. I'll stop here as this is clearly a subject for another blog someone might want to start. " James

This seems a sensible standpoint which I will deconstruct further.

The first question how much academic education do we need to function well in a society and at what stage in School education do we achieve this ?

I ask this because if you take the extreme view that everyone should start working as soon as they can do what they need to do. Then all you need is get to the stage of functioning well then learn your specialist trade..

This is clearly a flawed argument because of the need for transferable skills in a fluid and unpredictable Job market, and the important desire to want to further human knowledge in general.
But you can go to far the other way.
People are studying at university for reasons that are very superficially created.
Before I expand on this I must say I believe everyone has the right to go to university if they desire to do so. And at no point in this am I referring to Warwick university individually.

What I believe is happening though is many people are going to university because of the fear that the lack of a degree will inhibit their professional career. In doing this SOME are studying a subject they have little interest in and are loosing years of their live where they could be earning money.
They are going to university because of the fact that they feel they need a rubber stamp saying 'I have got a degree therefore, I am intelligent, reliable, hard working or whatever; enough so I can get certain types of Job… If you look at it like this it is odd that are society has evolved to this so inefficient way entering work.

Could put more but you get the gist, I will expand if their are any comments/ question.

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