June 15, 2005

Come On Sun

The one day loads of us really could have done without the rain…and it pisses it down.

So anyone know of any sun dances they can do to make it sunny…or put in good word with the big man upstairs…that would be brilliant

Or to help listen to loads of summery music…or songs with the word 'sun' in the title


Now to get Tuxedo'd up to the ying yang

June 11, 2005


I just wanted to say a big thanks for everyone that came out to Crash last night.
Me, Mark and Ricky had an awesome night last night, twas a shame that our best Crash was our last Crash…but oh well at least we went out on a high.
Cheers to Victoria, Siobhan, Adam and Mat for taking part in the competition…I didn't know people could blow up balloons that fast!
Protocol have the makings of being a very cool, classy band and I really enjoyed their set…and The Modern; well I fancy the lead singer. And how scary was the weird Child Snatcher out of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang walking round the place?!
So (in my cheesy Score voice) Big Shout Out To The Crash Crowd. Last night was such a great laugh, and we hoped you all had a great night, I'll post the playlist up soon.
Cheers Crash

June 08, 2005

The Library Nazi's

There’s been loads of blogs about how annoying the Library Nazis are, so I thought I’d do something to try and find out what makes these apparently evil people tick.
So on my radio show, The Ben n Andy Show, today on RaW, at 1- 3…I’m going to be phoning up the library and asking them about the these library stweard people. Such as do they deem squash as a softdrink, why could they not get a job working at the learning grid, do they lack basic social skills, and many others.
So if you’ve got something you’d like to find out about them…post it here and Ill ask them when I give them a ring.

So just into 1251 am or listen online to The Ben n Andy Show from 1 – 3 today to find out what the library has to say about them


June 06, 2005

God Damnit

I know there's world poverty, aids, Jamie Oliver and terrorists about…
But is there anything more depressing and upsetting than putting on your only pair of socks left and finding out that one has a HYOWGE hole in the toes which really is going to cheese you off all day…God Damn you cheap Asda socks

June 01, 2005

Jamie Oliver

Right, I want to put this to a public vote

Everytime Jamie Oliver and his fat head pop up on TV i want to throw sharp objects at the screen, I want to committ violence.

You see I really do have a deep seated hatred for the fat tongued tosser…or as i like to refer to him as…"the Jar Jar Binks of the cooking world". I really cant stand the smug looking gimp…so I'm putting it to a public vote to see if I'm alone in this view and actually losing it, or is he that damn annoying…and we should start sharpening the pitch forks and hunt him down.

So Jamie Oliver….Fat Tongued Tosser or Pukka Geezer…you decide!

How I'd love it for someone to push that right in his gormless looking face

May 27, 2005

3 Coolest People In The World

Right I think I've managed to work out the three coolest people in the world…they've had to pass some very hard tests, but have managed to prove their awesome-ness…So here are who i think the top 3 people in the world are:

1. Dave Grohl:

Yep, Foo Fighters front and generally an awesome man. The brains behind the "best band in the world" (my view, yes i know people will disagree), drumming whore for such people as QOTSA, Garbage, NIN, Tenacious D, Killing Joke to name a few…legend…about to return with the fantastic double album In Your Honour

2. Jack Bauer:

Seemingly the hardest man in America. Only he seems to be able to stop nuclear war/assasination attempts on Presidential hopefuls/virus outbreaks/any apocalyptic thing…apart from Phil Collins releasing another album. And able to put up with a lot of bad stuff (spoliers….wife dead/daughter hated him/got a drug addiction/killed old head of Division/Cut partners arm off/fired from CTU/new bird hates him for letting her ex husband die)...and still carry on kicking ass…as long as its on the hour

3.Karl Kennedy:

The ONLY DR in Australia…at least Erinsborough. Whenever someone requires the hospital he is ALWAYS consulted, despite other doctors possibly working in the hospital. Uber cool man, pulled a very hot/pyschopath Izzy…survived an alcoholic addiction and a near fatal heart attack. Despite being a doctor, even gets consulted on emotional issues and non medical stuff…and singer as well…Truely great man… apparently fictional…the actor who plays him has an album…awesome!

Looks alot cooler than my doctor

So there you go…the 3 coolest peopl eon the planet at the moment…Agree/Disagree…feel free to add yours…forget your politicians and the people who have secured peace…its all about the frontman of a great band, a hard as nails CTU agent, and the coolest doctor in Australia


May 22, 2005

I Want To Be A Sith

Yoda will be so pissed if he heres me…but I don't care.
Watched Star Wars III last night…and loved the film – knew I would – and I have decided I want to be a Sith!

Sod being a goody goody Jedi…the Sith are where its at. Granted it can all go a bit tits up if you're a Sith eventually…but in the meantime you can do some cool shit! You get a red lightsabre, you don't have be so stuck up like a Jedi…you get a cool black cloak which makes you look hard, you can choke people and fire blue spaff out of your hands, and you can do whatever you want with your powers, whenever you want.
Being a Jedi is alright i suppose…but you have to be friendly to losers like the Jamie Oliver of the alien world – Jar Jar Binks – whereas a Sith would just lop him in half

Jedi Master ...or Sith Dark Lord ….no competition really…it's gotta be a Sith…and if everything does goes spectacularly tits up…you can say you're sorry for what you've done (a la Return of The Jedi), and come back as a Jedi

So let's here it for the Sith!!

See...even poster's of you are cooler than being a boring Jedi

Until next time folks…check yourself don't wreck yourself


May 21, 2005

Best of You

Wow…what a great video…I'm all giddy with excitement…like a little school girl, cus ive just watched the new Foo fighters video.
Yup just now…not at 11.35 as originall planned…and why not…because like a berk I fell asleep and woke up 5 minutes after the video was shown…thankfully I've just caught the 1.55 showing!!

And it's the perfect video to highlight the song…which in turn is the perfect example of In Your Honour…the video has its mellow moments, when the songs at its softest…but everytime the songs cranks it up, the video goes all bold and in your face…and of course mixed in with the awesome Foos performance…whicn in turn is a great example of the Foos hard and mellow approach…with Dave and Taylor all out playing against Chris and Nate's more toned down performance…awesome down right awesome

Jeez this band is fan-freakin-tastic

Foo Fighters "Best of You"...out 30th May 2005

May 20, 2005

Calling All Foo Fans

At 11.35…Go to your nearest TV…and flick onto channel 4…it does not matter if someone is watching something else…this is far more important
The UK premiere of the Foo Fighters "Best of You"...do no miss it

May 18, 2005

Film Me Up Buttercup…See What I Did There!

Writing about Filllllums from Hub of Creativity...

I woke up from revising…yes, I managed to accidentally fall asleep while revising…damn you Rilo Kiley and your soothing sounds…to see thie baton passed on from Miss Singh…so why not i thought

The last film I saw at the cinema: It has to be the repeat viewing of Team America i saw with my bro…and I still laughed like a little school girl..if I would have done this on Saturday…i should be able to add the mighty Revenge Of The Sith

Last Film I Watched Otherwise: The uber-cool, very funny Bubba Ho-Tep…staring the B movie God that is Bruce Campbell…man what a film…Soul sucking Mummy, OAP Elvis, black JFK…I love this film!

Films I'm Looking Forward To Seeing: Top of the list is Star Wars Revenge Of This Sith...granted the other two are pap...but i cant wait for this one...fingers crossed that tosser Jar Jar Binks gets killed! And the new Harry Potter film...Tri-Wizard tournament awesomeness, new Batman Film...and the new Guy Ritchie film "Revolver" i think its called…its got Ray Liotta…ace!

Total number of films i own: Jeez…errr id say only about 40…im not as an avid collector of filums as I am for music

Five films that mean something to me: Lord of the Rings The Return Of The King, Robin Hood Men In tights (quite possibly my favourite film ever), Old School (i cant get enough of this film), Goodfellas (you all know how awesome this gangster flick is...Ray Liotta is my hero!),and Godfather Trilogy (sod it, im counting them as one box set)...quite typically male film you may say…but so what,its films I love…besides i don't think i can include my other favourite films (of the ahem adult variety!!)

Honourable Mentions: Anchorman (lordy its brilliant) and 24 (TV i know, but I am addicted to this programme)

Passing the baton…anybody on my favourites list who aint done it…and sod it…anybody that wants to…here's your chance!!


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