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April 29, 2005


Ladies and Gentlemen…Boys and Girls…Children of all ages…and those that don't want to be 'pigeonholed'...

Crash is back tonight…9 – 2 in T'Union…and tonight is going to be a very very kickass tonight

Get ready for the X – Fist…cus we have rightful winners of this years Battle of The Bands…the mighty, the uber-tastic


We also have playing the head thrashingly good IMPERIAL VIPERS

And for those who like their rock medieval…the kickass FIRE OF PROMETHEUS

On Top of that…very excitingly (for me anyway) we'll be playing the new Foo Fighters song "Best of You" …which if you have not heard is fan-fookin tastic

And non-excitingly…I'll be co-DJ'in tonight, instead of just twatting about on the mic…watch me clear the dancefloor with a Foo's b-side!!(only joking)

Indie,Rock, Punk…Genre's who needs'em

CRASH TONIGHT…come n play kids

It's gonna be an ace one!

April 27, 2005

Why Does Everyone Else Sound Cool

Seen a couple of people do this name alias thing…and they got some really cool names.
Now i don't know if i answered it slightly wrong…or i like some really crap stuff…but all my names sound cack…all these aliases would make me sound more of a gimp than i already am (which is quite)
I want to be a rock star…But Im supposed to call myself "Jaffa Cake Cheetah"…how bad is that! Just look how crap my aliases are

Ben James Ashmore's Aliases

Your movie star name: Pickled Onions Norman

Your fashion designer name is Ben Vienna

Your socialite name is Bashmore Birmingham

Your fly girl / guy name is B Ash

Your detective name is Fox Cockshut Hill

Your barfly name is Toast Vodka

Your soap opera name is James Ashdale Grove

Your rock star name is Jaffa Cake Cheetah

Your star wars name is Benbob Ashlou

Your punk rock band name is The Chilled Asparagus

"The Action movie of the year...staring Pickled Onions Norman" Bloody 'ell

April 26, 2005

Extreme Ironing

Ok…right…so dude, yeah this is way extreme…like so gnarly…it's
Extreme Ironing
And It's so easy to participate in…all you need is the following

  • Iron

  • Shirt/or any top for that matter

  • And to be in a slightly beveraged state

You see, Ironing is so boring and time consuming…and I was in a rush to get to Top B last night…yet i wanted to wear this shirt…which was ever so slightly creased…and I can't be doing with creased…so i thought to save time,
"I'll just stick the shirt on and iron it"
What a foolish idea that was…Burning hot iron and me trying to iron a shirt im wearing while dunk…yes I did nearly iron my nipple off trying to iron…but like theft and underage drinking…It was fun!
So next time you're ironing and in a rush… "Try It Yourself" as Neil Buchanan says, and iron whilst wearing the shirt…even better, be drunk while doing it…
Extreme Ironing…THE new sport!

Love, you need to Try EXTREME IRONING

Check Yourself, Don't Wreck Yourself Folks

April 24, 2005

Unabashed Joy!

4 out of 5 stars

On the one hand I have a 2,500 word essay on Trust Law…on the other I could sit and listen to "Team Boo" by Mates of State…no surprises which one ive picked

I just wanted to share this band with the world…especially at this time when uni can suck more than a vaccuum with exams/revision/essay/prospect of unemployment looming…you need some happiness…and Mates of State are here to deliver

This is happy music, Mates of State compromise of a drummer and organist…that's all (hmm bit White Stripes-ish) and its a man and woman duo (thats very white Stripe-ish) and they are married (enough with the similarities already). But that's where the similarities end..Mates of State create of joyful, chirpy pop sound that'll have the most hardent of Interpol fan cracking a smile…for at least 3 seconds.
This is music to chill out to…but it never becomes too weak a sound that it will send you to sleep with drumming woven with the Blackpool Pier-esque organ, and the male female vocals perfectly matched to each other.

When i say it's unabashed joy…it really is…the music seems childlike simple but underneath is some crazy free flowing song structures.
If you need to perked up ladies and gentlemen…i strongly urge you to check out Team Boo by the Mates of State…or anything of theirs for that matter…and it'll give you that warm feeling you haven't had since you last peed your pants…
Just try not being chuffed listening to this!


April 20, 2005

What a song!

This morning at roughly twenty past 10 on Radio 1…Miss Jo Whiley played…
"Best of You" by the Foo Fighters…the new song of the next album "In Your Honour"
And honestly…words cant say how excited was listening to it…I literally had goosebumps listening to it…i loved the song that much!

The Foos are back…the best band in the world…well i think so anyway
And already I keep listening to the song on repeat…honestly…its marvellous!
Listen out for it people

Thank God for the Foos

April 19, 2005

Ben n Andy Show

Writing about web page

Ladies and Gentlemen:
It's back
Not arsed about doing essays…cant be bothered to revise…looking for something to piss about doing from 1 – 3 tomorow…then tune in to

The Ben n Andy Show on 1251 AM, good ol' Radio Warwick (minus Andy!)

This week…radio features to feign interest in
How to deal with an addiction to ham
just how awesome is Subway?
Randomly talking about neighbours and will Paul and Izzy get it on?

All this and much much less…tune in request a kickass song, or email in abuse…it beats work!
Offensiveness guaranteed

Catch yourself don't wreck yourself folks

mmm Hamtastic

April 14, 2005

You Having A Laugh!?

Got this email off the career's service today…in hyowge bold letters:

Are you considering Postgraduate Study at Warwick?

To which i laughed at for a good 2 hours…stopped…and then laughed a bit more…Once I've finished my last exam…I'm not writing a chuffin essay/dissertation/exam again in my life…I've had enough of this education malarky…It'll be good riddance…and straight to the dole!

April 08, 2005

Top 3

Right, spermed into action (shit that's not the right word is it…Spurned, sorry) by Mr DWC and Shall with their musical malarky…Im gonna do what I've been meaning to do…

So folks…this is a very very very simple thing to do…and it's a good way of seeing what songs everyone else has been walking round humming lately!
So what are your top 3 songs you've been listening to this month…can be old or as new as you like…the top 3 songs you can't stop playing…you never know, you might find something really kick ass listed here you wanna check out…so here we go, mine to get you folks started…I've shown you mine…let's see yours!

1. 100m backstroke - Josh Rouse (ace Americana folk singer)
2. Me and Mia - Ted Leo and The Pharmacists (good little punk-y band)
3. Oh Yeah - The Subways(as i've said before, i love this band)

And Yes no Foos (they're at number 4!)

So what's yours folks??

April 07, 2005

Death To The Beige

Writing about an entry you don't have permission to view

I…Bashmore…pledge my allegiance…to the painful death of the boring fuckers that make up the scum that is Warwick Beige…with death squads led by The Carter

One more crap blog of someone copying and pasting the lyrics from a bloody joss Stone song 'cus they think she's a lyrical genius and they understand her…one more middle of the road comment by someone who cant have a cross opinion without having to put a fucking ":)" at the end to show that they dont really mean to disagree with anyone…and I'll have to kill someone
All the boring bastards who have come to this Uni and become Marks and bloody Spencer's in their outlook…bit well off…scared shitless to have an opinion on anything.

Offend…make controversy…disagree for the love of pete.

Thank fuck people like Carter and Eimear have started the revolution.

Be fucked off at stuff…Don't be a fucking beige about your bloody lifes…
The opionated bastards are starting the fight back

April 05, 2005

The Subways

In the last few weeks I have seen both Jimmy eat World and The Dead 60s live…and to be fair they both disappointed me.
Jimmy Eat World may as well have stuck their CD on and pissed off, and the Dead 60s just bored me
Then last night I watched the very young and the very very talented Subways…and fooking hell what an awesome gig!
For anyone that is into the Garage Rock of anything from the MC5 upto the Von Bondies and anything else in between will love this band and live they will blow you away.

I was getting pissed off with all the younguns in the crowd who stick their lanky man-headed selves at the front of the barrier the second they are in…but all pissed-offness disappeared as soon as Josh, Billy and his llllovely bassist girlfriend Charlotte stepped on stage.

Shit on a stick I have rarely seen that many bands go that hell for leather when playing and commanding a stage that Jimmy Eat World would kill to be able to do. The kind of music they play just makes you want to start throwing your head around and try to get a crick in your kneck.

Ladies and Gentlemen you've got to check this band out if you haven't…they've officially been elevated to my "Favourite New Band" spot finally kicking off The Young Hearrt Attack from the top spot.
With Billy's singing occasionally bordering on the Curbain-esque and guitar licks smacking you in the face…this band will be serious business.

What is it with subways! I'm obsessed with Subway baguettes as being the greatest taste sensation since garlic bread…and The Subways are fooking amazing

And i've gotta quickly point out how sound Billy is to interview…granted he couldnt sit still during the whole interview…but he was a sound kid…a Family Guy fan who understood what it was like to be fooled into thinking Taylor out of Hanson was a bird…and he really liked the £1.50 DVD me and Shall had picked out for him – some cack horror film.

Great night as Shall has testified…and I am definitely bestowing the title of

Fooking Awesome Band

Look out for Young For Eternity the album in July
Insert image – preview



Here's some photo's of the gig folks…off some bloke on t'internet…there you go that should be enough credit for him..yes basically i just robbed em from a site

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