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March 24, 2005

Everyone's Doing It…

Noooo not random acts of buggary…

this thing, so I've done it cus it looks fun and pointless, like how i live my life…and i get to mention the Foo Fighters again, awesome!

Describe yourself using one band and song titles from that band

Created by naw5689 and taken 23040 times on bzoink!

Choose a band/artist and answer only in song TITLES by that band:Foo Fighters
Are you male or female:Johnny Park
Describe yourself:Floaty
How do some people feel about you:My Hero
How do you feel about yourself:I'll Stick Around
Describe your ex girlfriend/boyfriend:Weenie Beenie
Describe your current girlfriend/boyfriend:Lonely As You
Describe where you want to be:Next Year
Describe what you want to be:M.I.A.
Describe how you live:Have It All
Describe how you love:Enough Space
Share a few words of wisdomAin't It The Life

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March 16, 2005

Don't miss out on the Bashmore Pope Sweepstake

Follow-up to The Bashmore Pope Sweepstake from The Land of the Bashmore

Ladies and Gentlemen…
The first round of betting has happened in the much publicised
Bashmore Pope Sweepstake
If you haven't placed a guess on a date when Pope Johnny Boy bites the dust…do not worry…there's still time, unless either of the two in March get it!
So don't lose out
Win the chance to be Pope for a month and a ride in the Pope Mobile…plus a hamper of food
Get Betting Warwickshire….
Here are the bets so far


25th – Luke Park
27th – Shall Singh


1st – Dan Lawrence


4th – Jack Howson
7th – James Tarbit
15th – Dan Wilson Craw
18 – 20th – Jimmy Buckland

19th – Luke Blackwell


4th – Han Flynn


1 – 3rd – Eleanor O'Donell


23 – 25th – Chris Hawley

and I can assure you Pope boy is keeping a close eye on the dates:

for now folks…check yourself…don't wreck yourself

March 14, 2005

The Bashmore Pope Sweepstake

Ladies and Gentlemen...roll up roll up...yes even you sir with the squint and the wooden leg...step right up

Welcome one and all to Bashmore When Will The Pope Croak Sweepstake
now you've all seen that Pope Johnny Boy has been released from hospital…but so what, everyone and i mean everyone knows the Popes days numbered…we asked a bunch of people
"Do you think the Pope will croak soon"
And got this reply:

Yep...thats even a big thumbs up from the big J himself

Don't worry, Johnny Boy's gave us backing...he's given himself some good odds

So don't be left out folks…sign up now for the sweepstake

how long til the Pope joins the choir invisible??
The winner will get a small hamper of food and the chance of being Pope for a week…yes you'll get to ride the Pope Mobile
how long til pope boy shuffles off this mortal coil…

Until next time…check yourself don't wreck yourself


March 13, 2005

In Your honour

Follow-up to My Love from The Land of the Bashmore

Ladies and Gentlemen…and more importantly those who like good kickass music…

Remember the name

"In Your Honour"

It is the name of the new Foo Fighters album

I can feel it now…not long til the return of the greatest band on this planet

March 09, 2005

My Love

Well Ladies and Gentlemen of Warwickshire…It's been a while…you see i dabbled in this degree malarky, and to be frank i got bored of it very quickly…so i thought I'd share you with all my biggest love in the world…

No Not being asked to ref. a ladies mud wrestling match
No not the thought that Louise Redknapp will ditch her husband Jamie for me…go on love, do it

No my favourite thing in the world is this….

Ladies and Gentlemen: my favourite band in the world. The Foo Fighters

You see I'd realised…I haven't even mentioned them yet on here, which is quite strange, considering for those who know me…I tend to mention them a lot!

To be honest they haven't been my favourite band for very long when you compare it to other people…I started Uni just as One By One was about to be released…listened to it, loved it…I knew quite a few of their songs before…but then something whispered to me

"Bashmore go Foos mental"

And true to that…i have!
Im the sad gimp of a fan whose even bought the Pocketwatch demo Dave made which lead to the creation of the Foo Fighters
And I've gone and got every b – side (sad W***er!)
And they've given me my favourite song in the world

Times Like These

Absolutely chuffin awesome song!
So Dave Grohl is a legend, his band's chuffing awesome…and purely because of them, I'm gonna be going to Reading this year.

So ladies and gentlemen raise ur glasses for the Foo Fighters, and ill leave you with my top 3 tracks, and cus im sad, my top 3 b -sides…until next time Warwickshire…check yourself…don't wreck yourself

Top 3 Tracks
1.Times Like These
2.My Hero

Top 3 B-Sides:
1. A320
2. Drive Me Wild
3. Have a Cigar


March 02, 2005

The Ben n Andy Show

Today Ladies and Gentlemen, from 1 – 3…the final Ben n Andy Show of FM on RaW

So if you fall into any of these categories

a)Work shy gobshite
b)Get titsed off by the Union/University
c)get really cheesed off when someone buys a sandwich from Costcutters…and pays for it on their credit card

Then join the Ben n Andy family!

This week:

We get an in depth interview with a stalker, in response to the Bore's article
We try and figure out how many people still care to vote in the Union Referendumthings
More importantly talk about Neighbours
And just generally rip the p**s

87.7 fm
1251 am

Yes student stuff can be pap…86.5% of the time we're not!

Peace out yall!


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