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February 22, 2005

To Iron or Not To Iron…That is the Question

So you do washing, if you're lucky you can get your clothes to dry in under a month if you break the sacred PLU rule of sticking your clothes actually on the radiator you don't want to put your towel on a radiator the day of an inspection, Christ you'd think you'd gone into their house on xmas day and pissed on their kids! … But anyway once its all dried…i sit staring at my underwear, pondering the question that has been pondered by man all the way back to ancient Greece….


I bet he's just had a right rollocking off the missus for not ironing his underwear

Now, when i'm back at home, my mom always irons my underwear (yes i know, i cant be arsed to lift a finger when i'm home), apparently because
"It lies in the drawer neater"!!

So people of Warwickshire…do i iron and get that lovely flat easily manageable underwear draw…or do i think "Sod it"?
I'll let you lot decide…is there any bloody point ironing underwear…or is a load of pants????
Until next time…Check Yourself…Don't Wreck Yourself
Ben one was supposed to see them!

February 20, 2005

What are you…

Clicking through these blogs…i've come across a few blogs that have these personality things which probably we've all received at some point in an email. You know the drill they have questions like:

If you were an ice cream what flavour would you be?

What was the last book you read?

What do you treasure the most in people?


Can you honestly say you had the internet installed purely to find out what a mate of a mate of a mate of a mate of mate of someone they talk to but dont actually like, is interested in?
So next time you get sent one or come across one on the t'internet…i urge…no i beg you to employ that age old tool of random abuse.
And for those who do them…ive quickly come up with one:


Why the hell do you write these quizzes:

Point you realised you had lost the will to live:

Next time you think you'll actually do something worthwhile with your life:

Do you knick the personalities of people that fill these in:

Will you be getting a life anytime soon:

Join my army of grumpyness people and say a communal CHUFF OFF to these evil people

You know they haven't

Next up people who publish poems on here…grrrr

Until next time Check yourself don't wreck yourself people

You're Not A Fairy!

So School Days was last night…or however its supposed to be spelt…Skoulch Daiyze, i think thats the 'hip' method of spelling it isnt it? And like a cynical/grumpy wozzak that i am, i dressed up as…chuff all, yep all i did was stick a white shirt and a black tie on, vaguely school attire…though it probably looked like i wanted to grow up as an Accountant.

The strangest thing i saw was quite a lot of people dressed up as a 'fairy'...mainly women i think. Now fair plays you wanted to grow up as a mythogical character, but if they did exist…they'd be hanging their tiny mythological heads in shame at some of the attempts to look like them. For those who aren't down with their fairy knowledge (the creature not the liquid)...this is what they typically look like….

Why is she carrying shopping bags…where do Fairies shop?

So keep that picture in mind…shudnt be too hard to knock out something similar…right? Wrong…we got people at best dressed as this…

Some glitter paint, and a couple of wings dont turn you into a fairy, love.

Come on, put some bloody effort into it women
Right i think i need to calm down a bit.

Until next time ladies and gentlemen…Check Yourself Don't Wreck Yourself!

February 06, 2005

And so….

Well load's of people have written an entry whilst under the influence of alcohol/extreme emotions/very cheesed off…and i think i'll join them

Arse it!

I know how you feel mate

Well it's back to being normal ol' Ben Ashmore…bye bye Uncle Ben's Nice
And cheers for the shout out Carter and Foo Fighters

February 04, 2005

The Final Day

OK everyone, sorry for being so blatant about this, but…

Its the last day of polling for the elections
I'd be so chuffed if you could vote for me if you haven't voted
Ben Ashmore…Commercial Development Communications Officer…thanks
sorry…i'll post some proper blogs when i've finished sleeping for a year after this campaign.
cheers everyone
Uncle Ben's Nice

February 02, 2005

Skittles…The staple part of my diet!

So with campaigning sweeping across campus…or in more normal words; "students being chuffed off with us coming into their lectures!" im having less time to indulge in one of my favourite past times…stuffing my face!
What with being busy getting paper cutted to buggery sticking up
"Uncle Ben's Nice" posters everywhere….and racing around lectures…like a gimp i may add…i'm not getting as much time to chow down as i'd like to.
So, i now have a new diet …its sort of a strange version of the Slim Fast Diet…have one in the morning one for lunch and bugger all in the evening (my diet that is, not slim fast, though those milkshakes do look like crap!). And the thing that is making up my diet…

Yep Skittles…though thankfully i haven't gone as mad as to arrange them in the picture's above.

Yep thanks to a friend who generously bought me little packets of skittles, i have been living off them…and i tell ya what…its a much cheaper version than Red Bull!
I ingest…and about 15 minutes later i'm all hyper and excitable …like a chav in a Blazing Squad gig. The only problem being that after they wear off i do get hit by a severe low, and almost get to the point where i want to go and read one of my law textbooks!!

So I'll carry on like this 'til friday…polling for Sabb starts wednesday…and you can bet I'm gonna be around annoying people with shouts of "Vote Ben Ashmore for CDCO"!

So until next time…Check yourself don't wreck yourself!!
Uncle Ben's Nice

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