April 20, 2005

What a song!

This morning at roughly twenty past 10 on Radio 1…Miss Jo Whiley played…
"Best of You" by the Foo Fighters…the new song of the next album "In Your Honour"
And honestly…words cant say how excited was listening to it…I literally had goosebumps listening to it…i loved the song that much!

The Foos are back…the best band in the world…well i think so anyway
And already I keep listening to the song on repeat…honestly…its marvellous!
Listen out for it people

Thank God for the Foos

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  1. I look foward to hearing this. The Foo Fighters were my first ever 'favourite band'. If they release something as good as their debut, or The Color and The Shape, I'll be a happy man.

    20 Apr 2005, 23:59

  2. So it's actually good then, it's not a blue orchid or anything?

    21 Apr 2005, 10:41

  3. Bashmore

    I really like Blue Orchid…it's no Best of You though, no sweat

    21 Apr 2005, 10:47

  4. The song is the bomb diggy. yes I just said that.

    Fucking hate exams.

    21 Apr 2005, 11:08

  5. Amanda

    Foos are back are rockin like WOAH, I Need the album and i need it now!!

    Theyr comin to where i live in may for a free concert, im gonna go and show my love!

    22 Apr 2005, 21:43

  6. Jealous. Having Radio1's Big Weekend in Sunderland is a poo idea. Midlands is where it's at.

    25 Apr 2005, 15:02

  7. Brendan

    I Haven't heard the new song yet but it'll ROCK!!!!!!

    I hope they play at oxegen this summer. Buichas le Dia im going (for people who don't know Irish it means THAN THE LORD!!!!! -or something like that)

    28 Apr 2005, 20:44

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