April 05, 2005

The Subways

In the last few weeks I have seen both Jimmy eat World and The Dead 60s live…and to be fair they both disappointed me.
Jimmy Eat World may as well have stuck their CD on and pissed off, and the Dead 60s just bored me
Then last night I watched the very young and the very very talented Subways…and fooking hell what an awesome gig!
For anyone that is into the Garage Rock of anything from the MC5 upto the Von Bondies and anything else in between will love this band and live they will blow you away.

I was getting pissed off with all the younguns in the crowd who stick their lanky man-headed selves at the front of the barrier the second they are in…but all pissed-offness disappeared as soon as Josh, Billy and his llllovely bassist girlfriend Charlotte stepped on stage.

Shit on a stick I have rarely seen that many bands go that hell for leather when playing and commanding a stage that Jimmy Eat World would kill to be able to do. The kind of music they play just makes you want to start throwing your head around and try to get a crick in your kneck.

Ladies and Gentlemen you've got to check this band out if you haven't…they've officially been elevated to my "Favourite New Band" spot finally kicking off The Young Hearrt Attack from the top spot.
With Billy's singing occasionally bordering on the Curbain-esque and guitar licks smacking you in the face…this band will be serious business.

What is it with subways! I'm obsessed with Subway baguettes as being the greatest taste sensation since garlic bread…and The Subways are fooking amazing

And i've gotta quickly point out how sound Billy is to interview…granted he couldnt sit still during the whole interview…but he was a sound kid…a Family Guy fan who understood what it was like to be fooled into thinking Taylor out of Hanson was a bird…and he really liked the £1.50 DVD me and Shall had picked out for him – some cack horror film.

Great night as Shall has testified…and I am definitely bestowing the title of

Fooking Awesome Band

Look out for Young For Eternity the album in July
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Here's some photo's of the gig folks…off some bloke on t'internet…there you go that should be enough credit for him..yes basically i just robbed em from a site

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  1. "The Mutants" :) I couldn't see the stage, especially with someone's hair in my mouth, but I felt the stage presence anyway, definitely more energy than JEW and Dead 60s yes.

    06 Apr 2005, 14:04

  2. Trixie

    I saw them supporting Charlotte Hatherly in November last year at ULU.

    They were very good then, and I can only imagine they are a lot better now with more experience under their belt.

    Charlotte does a very good job of giving a 'i am a filthy little bitch' image on stage as well.

    13 Apr 2005, 20:36

  3. And they're playing here. Oh yes, I have my ticket. November 17th, check the union site. They've kept that quiet haven't they?

    29 Sep 2005, 00:04

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