May 03, 2005

Reading and Leeds Additions

So to be honest…the lineup for Reading and Leeds this year is awesome…helped by the fact it has the best band in the world playing
And now more bands have been added, this is whose been added for you Reading and Leeds festival goers this year

HAL, (everyone's on about them…might be worth checking)
Sons And Daughters, (very good band…did the awesome Johnny Cash)
The Rakes (Also good…a good Franz Ferdinand in my opinion)
Art Brut (Over rated guff…how do people like "formed a band"...its poo)
Juliette & The Licks, (some Hollywood-ness with Juliette Lewis playing)
Nine Black Alps, (people are arguing this could be the UK's answer to Nirvana...nevermind that – see what i did there – these are just a good rock band)
The Cribs, (Hey scenesters...this band are very good...check out their first album from last year...part of the Leeds scene )
The Longcut (to be honest aint heard anything by them…Shall's not a fan cus of their hair!)
Editors (yes yes yes…very good band, gotta be checked out)
The Dead 60s (bah…bore me…disappointing when i saw them live)
Blood Brothers(i was in a play called that!)
and a band im really looking forward to seeing: Death From Above 1979, i was really hoping they were added….they are brilliant…just two blokes…bass guitar/drums/weird synth…dirty rock

Bring it on

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  1. Oh Shall, don't dislike the Longcut because of their hair; dislike them because they're not very good.

    Who did you play in Blood Brothers? Wait, let me guess: Mickey.

    By the way, after hearing it a few times now, I'm loving Best Of You. Why the Foo-k (see what I did there?) is it not on the RaW playlist?

    03 May 2005, 11:49

  2. The Cribs are mega. Don't you think the singer's off his head? Mental

    03 May 2005, 12:14

  3. DFA1979 and Sons & Daughters should be good. Nine Black Alps were great when they played at the Colly, so look forward to seeing them again too.

    03 May 2005, 12:51

  4. Milly

    Editors – hmm, they are good and the drummer is fit, however they are the same old same old. There are plenty of other bands out at the moment which sound like they want nay need to be compared to The Clash et al, and each song does sound fairly similar.

    But the drummer is fit and gives it some!

    03 May 2005, 13:46

  5. Hal: I've not listened to anything by them on the principle of their record company are so desperate that they send us their stuff at least ten times. This FUCKS ME OFF.
    Sons and Daughters: Absolutely awesome, they have some edge next to their same-old same-old counterparts however I don't know what they were doing supporting Idlewild: an odd match.
    The Rakes: fantastic and number 2 in RaW's chart from last week
    Art Brut: Any opinion I have on them would be based on their scenesterishness
    Juliette and The Licks: A lot better than I expected, the girl can rock better than she can act. Take that as you will.
    Nine Black Alps: Well gutted that I missed them going through Birmingham (...or am due to miss them, think they're playing tonight). Definitely worth a look.
    The Cribs: They've been through Birmingham twice in the past month and somehow missed them both times…probably was seeing other things. The sound of the vocals marks them out. Like the punchiness.
    The Longcut: I've written all this just to say this: it's not just their hair!! It's the fact that two of them had too much of it and hid behind it for the whole gig. The one without hair just looked like he'd rather be dead than playing. If you can't be arsed to look like you're enjoying yourselves, don't fucking expect me to enjoy myself! This has bugged me so much that I can't even remember what their music was like. All I remember is interesting use of drumstick on guitar.
    The Editors: Had maybe two tracks that made me sit up and pay attention but as Milly said, the rest was same old same old, the drummer was going great guns though.
    Dead 60s: I must woo them. Yay for them playing Reading * dribble *
    Blood Brothers: Meh.
    DFA 1979: Must see them, the library (grid?) horn has made me crave dirty music and they are definitely dirty. Bashmore it was your fault I missed them last time, if they clash with something too awesome to miss I'm going to cry.

    03 May 2005, 14:54

  6. Oh, and we've not been sent Best Of You yet, we'd have to buy it off iTunes then burn it * cough *. Someone ask Tess to make a copy.

    03 May 2005, 14:55

  7. Billy Bob Bob Bob

    I saw HAL supporting some crappy band. HAL were damn good, the band they were supporting sucked. I can't even remember their name they sucked so much, but HAL were difinately good. Plus they have the name of a mad computer from the ol' Clarke/Kubrick story.

    17 Aug 2005, 22:24

  8. meeeee

    ur all wrong because the longcut are ace, its refreshing to see that a band can come out without sounding like every other mundane band such as the killers and kaiser cheifs, i mean if your in to pop music then thats ok, but as for alternative bands this one rocks.

    21 Aug 2005, 12:48

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