May 16, 2005


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OK Here's The Playlist For Last Friday's Crash.
Now I know some people still have beef with the music policy of Crash…and thats perfectly fine…its music you feel passionate about, its natural to get narked…so here first of all is the playlist:

BETWEEN BANDS (9.00 - 11.30ish)

Tom Vek – I Ain't Saying My Goodbyes
Amusement Parks on Fire – Venus in Cancer
The Departure – By My Enemy
The Walkmen – The Rat
The Postal Service – Such Great Heights
The Go Team – Bottle Rocket
Cake – Short Skirt Long Jacket
Pipettes – Judy
Art Brut – Emily Kane
Louis XIV - I'm Finding Out True Love Is Hard to Find
They Might Be Giants – My Experimental Film
British Sea Power – Please Stand Up
Idlewild – Film for the Future
The Datsuns – Blacken My Thumb
McClusky – Lightsaber Cock Sucking Blues
My Vitriol – Always Your Way
Head Automatica – At the Speed of a Yellow Bullet

AFTER THE BANDS (11.30 - 2.00)
Faint – Drop Kick the Punk
Sublime – Date Rape
Cherry Doppin Daddies – Zoot Suit Riot
Dead 60s – Riot on the Radio
Less than Jake - All My Friends Are Metalheads
Crackout – You Dumb Fuck
Living End – Prisoner of Society
Hed(pe) – Killing Time
Lost Prophets - Shinobivsdragonninja

*Feeder – Insomnia*
Offspring - Have You Ever
Incubus – A Certain Shade of Green
Ash - Kung Fu
The Subways – Oh Yeah
The Futureheads - Decent Days and Nights

*Bloc Party – Banquet*
Beck - Sexx Laws

*Kaiser Chiefs – Everyday I Love You Less and Less*
Queens of the Stone Age - Little Sister
My Chemical Romance – Helena
Foo Fighters - Generator (Favourite Band in the World!!)
White Stripes - Blue Orchid

*Radiohead – Just*
Lit – My Own Worst Enemy
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – The Impression That I Get
NoFX – All Out of Angst
Libertines - Time For Heroes
Hot Hot Heat – Goodnight Goodnight
Supergrass - Alright

*The Strokes – New York City Cops*
Razorlight - Rip It Up

*Sum 41 – Fat Lip*
Rage Against the Machine - Bombtrack

*System of a Down – Sugar*
Jimmy Eat World - Bleed American (Salt Sweat Sugar)
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes – Uptown Girl
Undertones – Teenage Kicks
Weezer - Beverly Hills

*The Clash – Rock the Gasbah*
The Pixies – There Goes Your Man
The Coral - Dreaming of You
Primal Scream – Rocks
Green Day - Longview

*Muse – Plug In Baby*
Tenecious D – Tribute
The Killers - Mr Brightside

*REM – End of the World*

Right it was mentioned that there was too many underground bands on that no one knows. Well it depends on the kind of music you're into. During the Ska Punk section I was not too sure of many of the bands played,cus im a bit of an Indie Rock boy…but there was a lot of happy people dancing and singing along. As im sure was the case when Indie was played and the non Indie kids didnt know who many were.
The problem is always finding the balance…this will always be the problem with Crash when you have strong followers of the different genres present…you play rock and the Indie kids ask for more Indie music…so you play Indie music and the Punk fans come up asking for more Punk music.
On Friday two people came up at the same time…one wanted more mellow music played than what was playing…while her friend wanted heavier music played!!
And I totally understand the idea of wanting more "good stuff" (what does that actually mean) but the problem is this…if we play someone such as Green Day earlier in the night (which we've done before)...people will come up asking for it later, cus they were not there at the start of the night, sitting upstairs or whatever, so we played another Green Day song…and what happens…people come up complaining about the fact that why are we playing so and so band twice…haven't you got enough bands to play.
The issue of not playing really obscure bands…as mentioned on the entry Ive linked to…well that blog answers why we dont…if we do then people complain about us not playing enough "good music" of well known bands. The fact is we do play more underground bands at the start of the night…and the reason why we dont play it later on in the night, is that you get to a point where you cant get away with it…theres more people in, they want to know music they will like…we love playing obscure music, but we can only do it at the start.
The arguments about the Crash Playlist have been around since Crash started with Carter…and we don't expect it to stop…it shows how many big music fans there are out there who love their music.
It's true every Crash we get a lot of guff of people arguing with us that so and so should be played "trust us everyone will love it"...we'd like to,but it's hard enough coaxing people on the dance floor,and keeping them there is hard enough.
Despite the complaints we'll always get, I love doing Crash…it's a great night…I've been going since it started at the end of my first year, and i love helping run it. And we dont not play bands to piss people off, to bore people, to be obscure, to be too obvious…we are just trying to give people a good night…sometime's we're lucky sometime we're not.
But for every person that has complained to me on the night, there are plenty of people there that have come up to me and asked who this band was, they really like it, or they'r having a great night.
So if you don't like the music…we're sorry dudes…chill out at the bar until theres a song you like on…there will be….and keep coming to Crash…it really is a great laugh when you just go with the flow
Cheers everyone…I hope this answers a couple of questions…I know there'll still be people out there not satisfied…sorry!

And ive highlighted bands which i think an average 'alt' kid would know…but its not letting me bold up all my things…so its just got an asterix next to it…sorry bout that!


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  1. Fair play. It's still the best night in the Union by a long way!

    16 May 2005, 13:43

  2. Despite my despair at all things Warwick and music, that's actually a pretty good playlist I guess (the first two and a half hours certainly).

    16 May 2005, 13:56

  3. Thank you so much for playing Art Brut, it had been in my head for weeks!

    16 May 2005, 14:35

  4. good call playing The Pipettes – my new favourite group for today _

    16 May 2005, 14:54

  5. I like hearing music I've never heard of before at Crash, especially earlier in the night.

    16 May 2005, 16:08

  6. Milly

    You saw my press release, you guys do a sterling job….but surely a few more Busted tracks wouldn't go amiss ;o)

    17 May 2005, 02:01

  7. Fair play. Maye a good idea would be to have different nights (ie. indie nights & punk nights) This way you would get less arguing about what's being played. The union seems to do it for other large genres of music (ie. about 4/5 different nights playing cheese, and a couple of nights for RnB Hip Hop kinda stuff) so why can't they do that for rock music?

    17 May 2005, 12:25

  8. I agree with you there. It would be much easier if you could have a night focused on Indie and one on Rock. Granted Rocksoc and Offbeat cover these, but there nights tend to be too specialist,and not for the average rock or indie listener.
    Two nights at the Birmingham Academy have got it spot on. Ramshackle is the indie night, and they have Subculture on a Saturday which is the heavy rock and punk night…both nights kickass!

    17 May 2005, 13:05

  9. Shhh, quick, before the union find you! (he's right though, you should go. and to Rollercoaster at The Sanctuary and Resurrection at Subway, lots of different rooms in both)

    17 May 2005, 16:32

  10. As I said on the badnsoc forum – I love that set list – keep it up dude. Bands like "Crackout" are awesome and I'm guessing 99% of people have never ever heard such great british talent before – we all need some new music.


    18 May 2005, 01:20

  11. Crackout broke my glasses. True story. Kind of.

    18 May 2005, 01:29

  12. yes!
    please come and see 'noir way out' in the cooler at 2pm, friday-sunday, and bring your buddies.

    you knows it!

    18 May 2005, 15:03

  13. Talia

    I don't see how people can moan about that being too underground at all.

    Rock certainly (and indie to some extent) isn't my specialised music genre but I knew at least 27 of those tracks and would dance like crazy to them.

    In a bizarro world that is London I seem to have landed myself playing at a well respected club in london at an indie/pop/electro night. Indie? Me? Errrrrm! :-)

    18 May 2005, 20:03

  14. Trixie

    Oh and whoo for the pipettes & the go! team. Ricky's choices by any chance.

    Muwahahahaha i have corrupted him!

    18 May 2005, 20:04

  15. I'm obviously late to this party, but I'd like to say that At the Speed of a Yellow Bullet is a fucking SHITKICKER of a song.

    And whats the view on bands at Crash from the DJ perspective? Yay or neigh?

    02 Jun 2005, 02:48

  16. Big Yay, i think its a good idea having bands play. Some of the bands I've loved at Crash (Snarf, fantastic despite Ollie being ill) some of them I haven't liked…but hey such is the spice of variety – as in the playlist!

    02 Jun 2005, 15:55

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