May 21, 2005

Best of You

Wow…what a great video…I'm all giddy with excitement…like a little school girl, cus ive just watched the new Foo fighters video.
Yup just now…not at 11.35 as originall planned…and why not…because like a berk I fell asleep and woke up 5 minutes after the video was shown…thankfully I've just caught the 1.55 showing!!

And it's the perfect video to highlight the song…which in turn is the perfect example of In Your Honour…the video has its mellow moments, when the songs at its softest…but everytime the songs cranks it up, the video goes all bold and in your face…and of course mixed in with the awesome Foos performance…whicn in turn is a great example of the Foos hard and mellow approach…with Dave and Taylor all out playing against Chris and Nate's more toned down performance…awesome down right awesome

Jeez this band is fan-freakin-tastic

Foo Fighters "Best of You"...out 30th May 2005

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  1. I havent seen the video yet..but I am afraid to say…I think the song is utterly rubbish…

    All My Life was a far better lead off single…

    Still…all to their own! If you like it..who cares what anyone else says!

    21 May 2005, 03:56

  2. Fair plays mate…I personally think its a chuffin amazing song…It's got everything i need from a Foos song…granted All My Life is a spafftastic song as well…but as you said all to their own…huzzah for the Foo Fighters though

    22 May 2005, 01:24

  3. Ah ha, you already said you fell asleep. It's ok, Thomas Cock's a huge AC/DC fan, find his comments on my blog. Welcome to the fold once more, Thomas!

    22 May 2005, 13:09

  4. Doh, I need to think more before I speak.

    The video is a perfect example of the contradictions of the song. Y'know, when you're fighting your brain to make a decision about things. Love/hate, it's so wrong it's right, all that kind of thing. It does indeed reflect the album because with the double disc, it's an album of extremes, an example of oppositions, an example of how music can do such different things to your brain.

    Cheesy though it may sound, the song almost says to revel in differences and oppositions, because life would be boring without them: tis not purely about the relationship aspect but has broader meaning.

    22 May 2005, 13:13

  5. As I was pondering during revision, I also forgot about the political element to the album, when Mr Dave was following John Kerry around on his campaigning trail.

    OK, really am done now….

    22 May 2005, 23:38

  6. Ok..the song has grown on me a bit now! Still think they can do better mind..but it is a pretty good track…far better than most crap you hear these days anyway….sure will go down a treat at Reading :)

    23 May 2005, 01:16

  7. Aaah Shall, you're gonna have to try harder than that to tell me Foos information I dont know!!
    And yay Reading…I'm gonna be there singing like a right tosser!

    23 May 2005, 10:53

  8. I was informing the masses :P Seeing as you just melt in a heap of overexcitement. Looky, I got Thomas Cock liking the song, so there!

    25 May 2005, 02:40

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