May 27, 2005

3 Coolest People In The World

Right I think I've managed to work out the three coolest people in the world…they've had to pass some very hard tests, but have managed to prove their awesome-ness…So here are who i think the top 3 people in the world are:

1. Dave Grohl:

Yep, Foo Fighters front and generally an awesome man. The brains behind the "best band in the world" (my view, yes i know people will disagree), drumming whore for such people as QOTSA, Garbage, NIN, Tenacious D, Killing Joke to name a few…legend…about to return with the fantastic double album In Your Honour

2. Jack Bauer:

Seemingly the hardest man in America. Only he seems to be able to stop nuclear war/assasination attempts on Presidential hopefuls/virus outbreaks/any apocalyptic thing…apart from Phil Collins releasing another album. And able to put up with a lot of bad stuff (spoliers….wife dead/daughter hated him/got a drug addiction/killed old head of Division/Cut partners arm off/fired from CTU/new bird hates him for letting her ex husband die)...and still carry on kicking ass…as long as its on the hour

3.Karl Kennedy:

The ONLY DR in Australia…at least Erinsborough. Whenever someone requires the hospital he is ALWAYS consulted, despite other doctors possibly working in the hospital. Uber cool man, pulled a very hot/pyschopath Izzy…survived an alcoholic addiction and a near fatal heart attack. Despite being a doctor, even gets consulted on emotional issues and non medical stuff…and singer as well…Truely great man… apparently fictional…the actor who plays him has an album…awesome!

Looks alot cooler than my doctor

So there you go…the 3 coolest peopl eon the planet at the moment…Agree/Disagree…feel free to add yours…forget your politicians and the people who have secured peace…its all about the frontman of a great band, a hard as nails CTU agent, and the coolest doctor in Australia


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  1. I know you couldn't bring yourself to say it, but it's OK: I know I'm number 4 on the list.

    Alan Fletcher, aka Dr. K has an album out soonish I think. But most importantly, you can download his single which he wrote in protest against the Iraq War! Cheesy as hell, "perfectly comfortable" is available to listen to here:

    Did you also know, "Erinsbrough" is an pseudo-anagram of "Neighbours"?

    27 May 2005, 11:56

  2. Sadly I knew about that as well…as a regular visitor to the Alan Fletcher (or 'Fletch' to his friends) website…I want to go and see his band…my mates going to see him play at Plymouth's final fling…the lucky bugger

    Consulting my list of coolest people…i think you were just behind Noel Edmonds, Cliff Richard and Jonathan King…still thats an improvement on last year when you got beat by the cast of The Tweenies

    27 May 2005, 12:13

  3. Miss Shalinee Singh: handy smile attachments, Dead 60s super fan, queen of comfort food.

    This project is stealing my soul, my ego is all that's left

    27 May 2005, 12:38

  4. Adam: Nice use of the word(s?) 'pseudo-anagram'
    Ben: Presumably by not being 'in the world' and not technically belonging to the race of 'people' Yoda isn't eligible?

    27 May 2005, 22:47

  5. Oh God, look what you've made me do. I've now spent 20 minutes of my valuable time (When I should be doing RaW-related things) looking at Alan Fletcher's website. Among my personal highlights:

    1. "I essentially served an apprenticeship learning from great talents such as Warren Mitchell, Honor Blackman, Tom Stoppard, Bill Kerr and Tim Brooke-Taylor" Tim Brooke-Taylor, great talent??!! The Goodies weren't that good…
    2. Alan with orange hair on one of the biography pages.
    3. "Despite a frantic Neighbour's schedule Alan has managed to squeeze in appearances in….two shows of "The Great Australian Dog of the Year" "

    All this, and he runs a profit-making photography business. A modern-day polymath.

    28 May 2005, 15:02

  6. Apparently, your man Karl is gonna be on Jo Whiley this morning (Radio 1, 10–1).

    01 Jun 2005, 10:24

  7. matty

    they are all gay and suck dick the coolest dude in the world is harry potter

    02 Jul 2005, 20:55

  8. bob

    Jay kay (jamiroquai) no question

    19 Sep 2006, 20:03

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