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May 18, 2005

Film Me Up Buttercup…See What I Did There!

Writing about Filllllums from Hub of Creativity...

I woke up from revising…yes, I managed to accidentally fall asleep while revising…damn you Rilo Kiley and your soothing sounds…to see thie baton passed on from Miss Singh…so why not i thought

The last film I saw at the cinema: It has to be the repeat viewing of Team America i saw with my bro…and I still laughed like a little school girl..if I would have done this on Saturday…i should be able to add the mighty Revenge Of The Sith

Last Film I Watched Otherwise: The uber-cool, very funny Bubba Ho-Tep…staring the B movie God that is Bruce Campbell…man what a film…Soul sucking Mummy, OAP Elvis, black JFK…I love this film!

Films I'm Looking Forward To Seeing: Top of the list is Star Wars Revenge Of This Sith...granted the other two are pap...but i cant wait for this one...fingers crossed that tosser Jar Jar Binks gets killed! And the new Harry Potter film...Tri-Wizard tournament awesomeness, new Batman Film...and the new Guy Ritchie film "Revolver" i think its called…its got Ray Liotta…ace!

Total number of films i own: Jeez…errr id say only about 40…im not as an avid collector of filums as I am for music

Five films that mean something to me: Lord of the Rings The Return Of The King, Robin Hood Men In tights (quite possibly my favourite film ever), Old School (i cant get enough of this film), Goodfellas (you all know how awesome this gangster flick is...Ray Liotta is my hero!),and Godfather Trilogy (sod it, im counting them as one box set)...quite typically male film you may say…but so what,its films I love…besides i don't think i can include my other favourite films (of the ahem adult variety!!)

Honourable Mentions: Anchorman (lordy its brilliant) and 24 (TV i know, but I am addicted to this programme)

Passing the baton…anybody on my favourites list who aint done it…and sod it…anybody that wants to…here's your chance!!


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