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September 07, 2009

Twitter Hash Tag for the eBusiness Conference 2009

Writing about web page

We have set up a Twitter Hash Tag so that you can remain up to date on news about the eBusiness Conference on September 17th.

The Tag is #ebiz09 - to use it then enter the tag in the search field on your Twitter home page (it is on the right hand side of the screen).  This should result in a list of eBusiness Conference Tweets appearing in the main part of the screen. 

You will see an option to  "Save This Search". Click the link and the tag will appear under the heading "saved searches" on the right hand side of the screen.

We will be using Twitter to talk about what's happening at the Conference: before, during and after.

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Gareth Edwards

March 20, 2009

Blog link to LinkedIn – Is that clear?

Writing about web page

LinkedIn has provided a facility to add posts from this blog to the news section of the B2B Centre LinkedIn group, using the RSS feed.

I don't know what would happen if we could add news items from LinkedIn to this blog - chaos?

There is a benefit of course.  As with most of this web2.0, social media stuff it means that you can re-use content lots of times by pushing out via different channels. That makes it somewhat easier to make a splash on the internet and make people think that you are more active than you really are.

Blogs, twitters, RSS, social network status fields etc. etc. are usually indexed by search engines too.  So if you add links then you start to increase your inbound link count.


P.S Join our LinkedIn group (registration is required) or follow us on Twitter.

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