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March 23, 2010

Social Media and Business Profitability

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The B2B Centre will be sharing a platform with other Social Media speakers on Thursday 25th March under the heading "Social Media and Business Profitability".

Gareth Edwards, the B2B Centre's eMarketing Specialist will be helping the audience to "Supercharge Your Social Media".  He has 25 minutes to enthuse the uninitiated, spur on the dabblers and get the power users to realise why not everybody is quite so keen on Twitter as they are.

Check out the eOffice website for more details 

October 19, 2009

Brag with Social Media

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One of the great things about Social Media is the opportunity it gives small businesses to brag about what they have done to a wider audience.  

Now it can take a bit of time to work out which social media tools to choose and how to use them but the first task is to identify your successes and recognise what other people will be interested in.

In our Web Workshop of 14th October we had an instance of a small business hiding its success somewhat.  Heidi Bishop, of Bosh Air Arts told us all about how she does artwork for motorbikes, guitars and golf clubs but kept it at that.  Taking a look at the website revealed that Heidi has been pretty busy but kept the news to herself.  The main picture is off the guys from The Enemy (for older readers a popular beat combo from Coventry) holding a customised guitar.

This is absolutely perfect for putting out in blogposts, on Facebook and MySpace for instance.  It should probably be in the local papers too.  Getting that sort of endorsement is really valuable because it shouts "credibility" to anybody who cares to read it.  It is also the basis of lots of micro-articles - what sort of guitar, what was the picture , why did they choose it, what sort of paint and how was it applied?  Great for readers and even better for search engines.

Gareth Edwards

eMarketing Specialist, The National B2B Centre

September 28, 2009

B2B Centre Articles Listed

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A list of National B2B Centre articles, which cover the full range of e-business topics, is available on the site map of our website.

The articles form a key part of our activity and complement our one-to-one assists and range of events.

Take a look and let us know if there are any topics that you want us to cover.

September 21, 2009

National B2B Centre LinkedIn group hits the quarter century

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The National B2B Centre's LinkedIn group, which was set up to provide a community area for the sharing of information, for answering queries and problems and for members to promote themselves, has now reached the milestone membership of 250.

Gareth Edwards, the Centre's eMarketing Specialist, suggests that there lessons to be learned in the way that the group works for lots of businesses.

"Our experience is that you have to give Social Media tools such as LinkedIn and LinkedIn groups plenty of time to gain momentum.  Group numbers started to take-off after a couple of months of promotion and then continued to grow quite quickly; mainly through referrals.  And remember you have to manage what's going on by posting new material and answering comments as quickly as possible"

The B2B Centre Group has two sub-groups.  One focuses on SEO, while the most recent one is an "Ask the B2B Centre" area where group members can post questions and queries that we will do our best to answer.

The National B2B Centre

August 25, 2009

5 Simple Tips for Better Social Media Results

Gareth Edwards presented "5 Simple Tips for Better Social Media Results" at our Members Networking event back in July.

In reverse order his tips are:

5.  Remember to update the profiles on your registered Social Media sites when you do something new and interesting.

4. Include links to your website in profiles, forum entries, blog posts etc. wherever you get the opportunity.

3. Use tools like Twitterfeed, Stumbleupon, Digg and Ping (to name but a few) to distribute and share your content with other sites and other people.

2. Say something interesting!  Think about your experiences and activities and write them down.  Other people WILL find them interesting.  Use professional role models like Seth Godin or enthusiastic amateurs like Jim Reah of Heritage Polish to get some ideas.

1. Join relevant groups (like the National B2B Centre LinkedIn group) and participate in discussions, answer questions and connect with people.

July 23, 2009

B2B Centre Video Clips

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The range of B2B Centre video clips available on the Guru Online specialist video hosting has recently been expanded. 

The portfolio now includes material on blogging, Twittering and the effective use of Social Media amongst other topics.

The clips are organised in a Q&A format, which means that you can focus on the aspect of the topic most relevant to you - or watch them all!

Go to to see what's on offer.

June 19, 2009

B2B Web Workshop – 18th June

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Gareth Edwards, eMarketing specialist and Steve Orriss, lead e-business consultant led yesterdays Web Workshop.

Delegates enjoyed the first session, website reviewing.  In turn each delegate if they wish to agrees to put there website on our interactive screen for all to see.  Delegates provide feedback on the general look and feel of the site and our consultants provide an indepth review of the content, keywords, how well it's ranked and things to consider.  This benefits the owner as it provides constructive feedback from a usability point of view from both parties and also provides an seo perspective.

One of the hot topics in the world of Web 2.0 and the B2B Centre's workshops is using social media sites.   Social media sites allow your business to be more visable to search engines and web users.  In our workshop we provide information and talk about the potentail opportunities out there to start collaborating, some of the benefits include sharing ideas/ knowledge about your expertise, posting questions, making new contacts, finding new customers. 

Our consultants provide an overview of the most common sites used by businesses and provides information into which sites would be most effective for your business.

The following delegates attended:

Tina Blake - Tell Me More

David Bradley - BradBAS Management Services

David Bryan - Opace Technology Solutions

Angela Cassidy - Step40

Brian Cobb - Bidford Tool Hire

Andrew Goodwin - Daredevil Creative

Lizzie Faulks - Pink Marketing Services Ltd

Amit Jobanputra - Computaccount

Clive Lane - The Quality Graphics Co Ltd

Jo Roden - JRS Marketing

Gerard Ryan - Wearing The Hat Ltd

Joel Spencer - Sweet Harmonies

Julie Young - Moda Jewellery

And because we have an over whelming response to these workshops we've put an extra date in the diary this month and invited people from our waiting list to attend on the 30th June.

June 11, 2009

B2B Event – Success with Social Media

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On Tuesday 9th June the B2B Centre ran our very first Social Media event at Warwick University, I'm delighted to say it was a great success, over 100 SMEs attended and I have already received comments from delegates on how they found the seminar enjoyable and very useful.

Our guest speakers delivered a fantastic presentations sharing their real life experiences in using specific Social Media sites to target their market.

Mike Nevin of Alliance Best Practice shared his LinkedIn business success which has opened up new avenues in his business market.   Mike demonstrated how powerful e-collaboration tools are in refining and seeking new potential clients and how he can use his expertise in proving online customer service to others who need help and advice.

Malene Stanley of KSB Kids delivered a very inspiring presentation of how she set-up her business with little technical knowledge and has built a strong network of customers using Facebook.

Adam Dent of Advent Communications shared his expertise and knowledge in online PR, how to create an exciting story and exploit it to your full potential.

Our very own eMarketing Specialist Gareth Edwards concluded the seminar by providing useful tips on how to get started, which relevant sites to use that fit your business and what type of things you should be focusing on and most importantly what to write about.

There was also plenty of opportunity to network in the breaks and talk to the speakers.

Presentations can be found on our website;

Malene Stanley - Success with Facebook -

Adam Dent – Do’s and don’ts of online PR -

Gareth Edwards – Super Charging your Social Media -

May 18, 2009

"Success with Social Media" – B2B Seminar 09/06/09

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We are looking forward to putting on the "Success with Social Media" event here at our International Digital Lab home at the University of Warwick on June 9th.

Two guest speakers have already been confirmed.

  1. Malene Stanley from KSB Kids, who has been one of most enthusiastic B2B Centre members in experimenting with Social Media techniques, is going to give us the low down on what has worked for her. 
  2. Mike Nevin of Alliance Best Practice is coming in to help us all us LinkedIn (one of the primary business tools) more effectively

Look forward to seeing you there.


February 14, 2009

Thriving B2B Centre Linkedin Group

Anybody who wants their first taste of social networking could do worse than join the B2B Centre's group on the business oriented networking site LinkedIn (  Register online and then go to the group page to sign-up.

There is a members Commercial Thread where people can promote their businesses (most recently Homestay Live and Learn), Stuart Steele of StuWebb posts a topic of the week and B2B staff provide insights into our ongoing support activity.

Oh and yes we are on Twitter ( if you succumb to the current wave of publicity.


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