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September 28, 2009

B2B Centre Articles Listed

Writing about web page

A list of National B2B Centre articles, which cover the full range of e-business topics, is available on the site map of our website.

The articles form a key part of our activity and complement our one-to-one assists and range of events.

Take a look and let us know if there are any topics that you want us to cover.

July 01, 2009

Web Workshop – Tuesday 29th

Writing about web page

Mark Bonnett and James Pennington ran yesterdays workshop.  We had 6 companies who attended, we to decided put in an unexpected date to deal with the overflowing response.

The following delegates attended:

Angela Dakin - Inspired Managers Ltd

Ed Hart - Your Financial Business Support Ltd

Jon Jan - Waylander Apparel Ltd

Marie-Claire O'Brien - Synergy Virtual Office Ltd

Steven Timerlake - Hidden Eden Ltd

Dutch Van Spall - Big Help Management

Usha Sidu

We received a great response from the feedback, delegates rated the presentation content as being excellent, the the NB2BC staff where also rated as excellent for having great knowledge and expertise in all topics covered.

The most useful and popular topics covered where; social networking, Google Analytics, SEO, Keywords and delegates also found the opportunity to raise questions along the way very helpful.

June 26, 2009

Keyword Research Tool for Blogs

Dave Naylor has posted on his blog a very useful tool to use when writing blogs. You can carry out keyword research and it then reports how many times you've mentioned the particular terms in your blog post.

Great for focusing a blog post and writing content that should be relevant to specific keywords.

To get the tool from Wordtracker, download from here - (you need to have Firefox webbrowser for this to work).

Read more and how to obtain the tool on Dave's Blog:

June 19, 2009

B2B Web Workshop – 18th June

Writing about web page

Gareth Edwards, eMarketing specialist and Steve Orriss, lead e-business consultant led yesterdays Web Workshop.

Delegates enjoyed the first session, website reviewing.  In turn each delegate if they wish to agrees to put there website on our interactive screen for all to see.  Delegates provide feedback on the general look and feel of the site and our consultants provide an indepth review of the content, keywords, how well it's ranked and things to consider.  This benefits the owner as it provides constructive feedback from a usability point of view from both parties and also provides an seo perspective.

One of the hot topics in the world of Web 2.0 and the B2B Centre's workshops is using social media sites.   Social media sites allow your business to be more visable to search engines and web users.  In our workshop we provide information and talk about the potentail opportunities out there to start collaborating, some of the benefits include sharing ideas/ knowledge about your expertise, posting questions, making new contacts, finding new customers. 

Our consultants provide an overview of the most common sites used by businesses and provides information into which sites would be most effective for your business.

The following delegates attended:

Tina Blake - Tell Me More

David Bradley - BradBAS Management Services

David Bryan - Opace Technology Solutions

Angela Cassidy - Step40

Brian Cobb - Bidford Tool Hire

Andrew Goodwin - Daredevil Creative

Lizzie Faulks - Pink Marketing Services Ltd

Amit Jobanputra - Computaccount

Clive Lane - The Quality Graphics Co Ltd

Jo Roden - JRS Marketing

Gerard Ryan - Wearing The Hat Ltd

Joel Spencer - Sweet Harmonies

Julie Young - Moda Jewellery

And because we have an over whelming response to these workshops we've put an extra date in the diary this month and invited people from our waiting list to attend on the 30th June.

May 11, 2009

B2B Web Workshop – 7th May

Writing about web page

The B2B ran an invitation only workshop last Thursday to help address SMEs e-marketing needs, some of the topics our guys talked about were; why website planning and content are so important, how tracking your website users proves very beneficial and can help in optimising your site and what range of free available tools are out there in helping to optimising, getting noticed and tracking your website.

The favourite topics of the day included Google Analytics, Pay-Per-Click (Google Adwords), Search Engine Optimisation and Social Networking such as blogging, LinkedIn sites.

Attendees included:

Sarah Bagley - Freelance Training Ltd

Renee Clarke - AMBA Therapies

Peter Dunford -

Rai Fisher - Artisans In The Hills

Ben Hays - Coaster CO UK Ltd

Peter Martin -

Simon Mercer - Signo

Jag Pabla - Prime Health UK Ltd

Julia Pitkin - Artisans In The Hills

Ian Robinson - Trifid Ltd

Andrew Yair - Aspire Style Ltd

Sam Yair  - Aspire Style Ltd

Our Workshops are proving very popular, our next two dates for May and June are already fully booked, we do still have some places left in July, October and November.  If you are a small business based within the West Midlands, join in the fun at

April 03, 2009

Another B2B Web Workshop – What a success!

Writing about web page

Gareth and Mark ran yet another successful B2B Web Workshop on Wednesday 1st April, and no it was no April fools!  We are very delighted and over whelmed by the success and how much demand our new workshop is generating. 

A small number of SME's attended which gave the workshop an interactive edge to it.  The workshop is designed to  allow attendees to raise any e-marketing related questions, in which they are able to get instant constructive feedback from our team.  We also find the questions raised by individuals also benefit other attendees who attend.

The most popular topics of the day were SEO, Google Analytics and PPC.  Other topics included: eMarketing assessments, Website Planning, Website content, Blogging/ social media and discussions relating to individuals burning issues relating to their site.

Delegates who attended included:

Jacqui Brown - Spice Design
Adrian Bevan - HeadRed
Gareth Cadden - GCIntanational
Anne Corstorphine - City Spirit
Katy Denholm - LHM Media
Raymond Fivey - Ray's Taxis
David Jessett - Slot Track Scenics

The next available places for this Workshop is on 18th July

January 15, 2009

How easy is your website content to read

How can you ensure that the textual element of your website is easy to read and therefore simple to understand.  Check out the following 2 tools - they carry out a review of the text and then presents back various ratings and scores.

Take not of the responses received.  As with all tools out there on the market you have to use it in context and understand where you are pitching the page and the intended user that will access it.  It also helps to read around the tool to understand where the user has come from when putting it together.

Page Readibility Test 1

Page Readibility Test 2

December 15, 2008

Topical for the season – viral marketing

Check out the following url:

JC Penny have masterminded an enormous campaign based on the usual premise that men can't buy presents for their wives / partners.  This video has placed on over 90 different video sharing sites with some 1.7 million views.  Way beyond expectations and mainly driven by the community. 

However it can go seriously wrong if you get the message wrong..... Johnson and Johnson pulled and add earlier this month that left the target market found the ad condescending. 

Why did one work and not the other - who really knows, with viral marketing the worst thing is that nobody has a comment about your advert.

Anyway I have no idea what to buy my wife for christmas - so some good suggestion would be welcome......

December 10, 2008

Creating a buzz through off–line and on–line marketing

Just been to a session on PR and on-line marketing, strange you might say - this is James speaking now.  Well it was very good and left a few thought sin my mind on how can a small business really exploit the use of effective PR.

The session talked about ensureing you post press releases to the correct sites, and take into consideration that sites like digg and stumbleupon do not tend to list press releases.  So you might say whats the point.

With the number of journalists dramatically declineing the on-line world is seeing a major uptake in what is cllaed the 'mom' blogger.  this is someone who reads an on-line press release then creates an on-line blog post linking through to the release.  This has a knock effect - it spreads the word and also enables digg and the various related services to pick up the article.

What can we as small business learn from this..... well, when you have a press release, place it on your site and then wirte about in your press release and if your site is working well you should start to see some traction.  If your article or release ends up on digg or starts to get a mention from other bloggers, let the world know by creating posts about where you appear and what people are saying.

More to come on how to blog effectively for you business, but those session are later in the conference.

By the way, it's cold and snowing in Chicago.

Keywords and domain names a way to win position

CEO from has just presented on the use of keyword terms for identifying domain names to purchase.

This uses the idea of capturing traffic that users will search for and then pass them to either a focused site that identifies your core brand or 301 redirect to your main site. It can create a much better position in that competitors have to then use pay per click to rank higher as the keyword focused domain name with provide a higher rank. Examples are Johnson and Johnson own, Barnes & Noble own Two phrases that users would type in.

The speakers also went onto registering miss spelt keywords as domain names for example Microsoft own a common typing error. The speaker suggested thinking of keywords and misspelt words and then use a domain registration company to see if your competitors have registered the domain names.

Obviously this can get very expensive so think about where it fits in win your online objectives as you should identify the benefits of registering multiple domains. 

Another quick tip from this session register domains for a long period of time this identifies to he search engine that you intend being around for a while, it shows some level of longevity.

Thinking about this the idea of domain names that have keywords does not really provide a clear advantage to search rankings acording to google and various other on-line sources, the principle works on people typing keywords into the search bar or browser bar guessing at sites that may exist and then the site will / should appear top listing into the searhc results.

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