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January 04, 2010

Book now – "The Essential Guide to Online Marketing" workshop programme

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"The Essential Guide to Online Marketing" workshop programme launches January 21st 2010

The B2B Centre is delivering a series of workshops around the West Midlands on behalf of Business Link in the New Year.

Entitled "The Essential Guide to Online Marketing" these sessions are ideal for businesses who need to get to grips with topics like search engine optimisation and Social Media. Two members of the B2B Centre team will be on hand to present, lead exercises and take questions during these interactive sessions.

Workshops are being held in Telford, Stafford, Worcester, Solihull, Coventry and Walsall from January through to March.

Check out for more details and a booking form.

September 28, 2009

B2B Centre Articles Listed

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A list of National B2B Centre articles, which cover the full range of e-business topics, is available on the site map of our website.

The articles form a key part of our activity and complement our one-to-one assists and range of events.

Take a look and let us know if there are any topics that you want us to cover.

September 11, 2009

#ebiz09 Lunch in the International Digital Lab

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Attendees to the eBusiness Conference 2009 event on September 17th will find a change from last year in that lunch will be served across the road from the IMC main venue in the International Digital Lab

This facility, which is the home of the B2B Centre team, was built to support and promote leading age collaborative research between the WMG group at the University of Warwick and West Midlands businesses.  A specific team has been set-up to establish links with small and medium sized businesses too.  Members of the team will be on-hand at the conference to talk to delegates about research opportunities.

As well as eating and networking there will be a chance to see some demos and presentations on research activity.  The B2B Centre will be offering half an hour of their notorious "website assassinations" where delegates can nominate their site for a critical review from the team.


Gareth Edwards, NB2BC

July 23, 2009

B2B Centre Video Clips

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The range of B2B Centre video clips available on the Guru Online specialist video hosting has recently been expanded. 

The portfolio now includes material on blogging, Twittering and the effective use of Social Media amongst other topics.

The clips are organised in a Q&A format, which means that you can focus on the aspect of the topic most relevant to you - or watch them all!

Go to to see what's on offer.

July 22, 2009

E–Business Conference 2009: Finding and Keeping Profitable Customers

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"E-Business Conference 2009: Finding and Keeping Profitable Customers" is the National B2B Centre's 2nd annual conference looking at how technology can positively impact SME business activity.

As the title suggests this year's conference is focused on winning business both from new customers AND existing clients.  We'll be exploring the use of the web, Social Media, eMail and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to help this process as well as thinking about what sales processes and techniques will work best for small businesses.

We have some great speakers lined up including Susan Hallam, Dr Dave Chaffey and Richard White.  There will also be some very interesting case studies from B2B Centre clients and some expert sessions from the B2B Centre team.

Last year was extremely popular and we are expecting even more interest this time around - so book now!

Martin King-Turner

The National B2B Centre

July 01, 2009

Web Workshop – Tuesday 29th

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Mark Bonnett and James Pennington ran yesterdays workshop.  We had 6 companies who attended, we to decided put in an unexpected date to deal with the overflowing response.

The following delegates attended:

Angela Dakin - Inspired Managers Ltd

Ed Hart - Your Financial Business Support Ltd

Jon Jan - Waylander Apparel Ltd

Marie-Claire O'Brien - Synergy Virtual Office Ltd

Steven Timerlake - Hidden Eden Ltd

Dutch Van Spall - Big Help Management

Usha Sidu

We received a great response from the feedback, delegates rated the presentation content as being excellent, the the NB2BC staff where also rated as excellent for having great knowledge and expertise in all topics covered.

The most useful and popular topics covered where; social networking, Google Analytics, SEO, Keywords and delegates also found the opportunity to raise questions along the way very helpful.

June 11, 2009

B2B Event – Success with Social Media

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On Tuesday 9th June the B2B Centre ran our very first Social Media event at Warwick University, I'm delighted to say it was a great success, over 100 SMEs attended and I have already received comments from delegates on how they found the seminar enjoyable and very useful.

Our guest speakers delivered a fantastic presentations sharing their real life experiences in using specific Social Media sites to target their market.

Mike Nevin of Alliance Best Practice shared his LinkedIn business success which has opened up new avenues in his business market.   Mike demonstrated how powerful e-collaboration tools are in refining and seeking new potential clients and how he can use his expertise in proving online customer service to others who need help and advice.

Malene Stanley of KSB Kids delivered a very inspiring presentation of how she set-up her business with little technical knowledge and has built a strong network of customers using Facebook.

Adam Dent of Advent Communications shared his expertise and knowledge in online PR, how to create an exciting story and exploit it to your full potential.

Our very own eMarketing Specialist Gareth Edwards concluded the seminar by providing useful tips on how to get started, which relevant sites to use that fit your business and what type of things you should be focusing on and most importantly what to write about.

There was also plenty of opportunity to network in the breaks and talk to the speakers.

Presentations can be found on our website;

Malene Stanley - Success with Facebook -

Adam Dent – Do’s and don’ts of online PR -

Gareth Edwards – Super Charging your Social Media -

May 11, 2009

B2B Web Workshop – 7th May

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The B2B ran an invitation only workshop last Thursday to help address SMEs e-marketing needs, some of the topics our guys talked about were; why website planning and content are so important, how tracking your website users proves very beneficial and can help in optimising your site and what range of free available tools are out there in helping to optimising, getting noticed and tracking your website.

The favourite topics of the day included Google Analytics, Pay-Per-Click (Google Adwords), Search Engine Optimisation and Social Networking such as blogging, LinkedIn sites.

Attendees included:

Sarah Bagley - Freelance Training Ltd

Renee Clarke - AMBA Therapies

Peter Dunford -

Rai Fisher - Artisans In The Hills

Ben Hays - Coaster CO UK Ltd

Peter Martin -

Simon Mercer - Signo

Jag Pabla - Prime Health UK Ltd

Julia Pitkin - Artisans In The Hills

Ian Robinson - Trifid Ltd

Andrew Yair - Aspire Style Ltd

Sam Yair  - Aspire Style Ltd

Our Workshops are proving very popular, our next two dates for May and June are already fully booked, we do still have some places left in July, October and November.  If you are a small business based within the West Midlands, join in the fun at

April 27, 2009

B2B Centre Articles List

The B2B Centre and its partners have written loads of articles on a variety of eBusiness topics over the years.

Thought it would be worth providing a list of just some the best ones so you can enjoy them the second time around.  Click on the links and the articles will appear in a new browser window.  Some of them will be in PDF format.

E-Commerce is more profitable  e-commerce Bytestart  2007 
Search Engine Optimisation - Keeping up with the US  e-marketing Mark Bonnett  2007 
Law change affecting your website and email  e-marketing Liz Rowe  2007 
Using ZenCart to build your online shop  e-commerce James Pennington  2007 
eTrade or not to eTrade that is the Question  e-commerce Gareth Edwards  2007 
How to write good website content  e-marketing Gareth Edwards  2007 
Social networking - MySpace or waste of space?  e-collaboration Gareth Edwards  2007 
New online service for SMEs to access governement services  SME News Bytestart  2007 
Using the Internet to Grow Your Business  e-marketing Gareth Edwards  2007 
What is mobile marketing and how can you use it?  Mobile and Wireless Rayhan  2007 
How To Use Mobile Marketing  Mobile and Wireless Rayhan  2007 
Who are your online customers and what do they want?  e-marketing Gareth Edwards  2007 
How can you get a better understanding of your online competitive environment  e-marketing Gareth Edwards  2007 
FAQs - Websites and Search Engines  e-marketing James Pennington  2007 
Websites are for life, not just for Christmas  e-marketing Gareth Edwards  2007 
Small businesses urged to go mobile  Mobile and Wireless Rayhan   2007 
Searching through Google's Services  e-marketing Mark Bonnett  2007 
SEO on Zero Budget  e-marketing Mark Bonnett  2007 
Google Analytics - Getting started  e-marketing Liz Rowe  2007 
Director's Comment on E-Business in 2007  e-business Martin King-Turner  2007 
Phishing, Pharming and other traps for the unwary  Law Kate Legg - Higgs&Sons Ltd  2007 
Who owns your website?  Law Kate Legg - Higgs&Sons Ltd  2008 
Discover what works on your website  e-marketing Mark Bonnett  2008 
6 Steps for writing a headline  e-marketing Steph Williams  2008 
Measuring your web copy  e-marketing Steph Williams  2008 
Competing with the big boys online  e-marketing Gareth Edwards  2008 
Three Fundamental Rules for writing Web Copy  e-marketing Steph Williams  2008 
What is the Most Important Element of your Website  e-marketing Steph Williams  2008 
Happy Birthday Mobile!  Mobile and Wireless Rayhan  2008 
Rachel Elnaugh talks web with local businesses  e-marketing Liz Rowe  2008 
Are your web images putting you at risk?  e-marketing Peter Butterworth  2008 
Online PR: Raise your profile on the web  e-marketing R Sahota  2008 
What is Web 2.0 and how can your business benefit?  e-collaboration Steph Williams  2008 
How to do usability testing  e-marketing Steph Williams  2008 
Are visitors lost on your website?  e-marketing Steph Williams  2008 
E-Business 2008 - Creating a Future Advantage  e-marketing Gareth Edwards  2008 
How can SMEs create a future advantage?  e-marketing Gareth Edwards  2008 
The Chaffey Colum - Oct 08  e-marketing Dave Chaffey  2008 
Website Accessibility - One Size Doesn't Fit All  e-marketing Design4Usability  2008 
The Chaffey Column - Nov 08  e-marketing Dave Chaffey  2008 
The Chaffey Column - Dec 08  e-marketing Dave Chaffey  2008 
More Measurements is Marvellous  e-marketing Gareth Edwards  2008 
The Chaffey Column - Jan 09  e-marketing Dave Chaffey  2009 
No Lagging with the Bragging  e-marketing Gareth Edwards  2009 
Plug your Business into Online PR Sites  e-marketing Steph Williams   2009 
The Chaffey Column - Feb 09  e-marketing Dave Chaffey  2009 
Blogging - Free and Easy  e-marketing Mark Bonnett  2009 
Why should SMEs be using CRM?  Open Source Steve Orriss  2008 
Can you Thrive in Today's Economy?  Managing Projects Rayhan  2009 
How do I Register with Online Directories?  e-marketing Gareth Edwards 
eMarketing - What should you be reading?  e-marketing Gareth Edwards 
How to use YouTube to get your business noticed!  e-marketing Steph Williams  2008 
Project Prioritisation  Managing Projects Rayhan  2009 
e-Marketing - Don't forget your back office  e-marketing Gareth Edwards  2007 


April 24, 2009

Latest B2B Web Workshop – 23rd April

Writing about web page

This weeks workshop ran by Steve and Mark created discussion on website usability where delegates commented on each others website and provided constructive feedback on the ones who dared to have on their site critiqued.  There was a good mix of interaction and everyone shared ideas and useful business tips from each other.

The most popular topics of the day included: Social media, web planning, SEO, web content and web hosting.

The following B2B members attended:

Annie Astill - Palmer Hargreaves Wallis Tomlinson

Adam Doswell - Duomo

Clair Hobbs - Excaliburs 4 Europe Ltd

Kal Horsfall - Kal's Return Jewellery

Laurence Jones - Kids Naturally Photography

Lizzie Perring - Unlock the Music

Menna Rees-Steer - Liquid Public Relations Ltd

Ioannis Soilemetzidis - PanEthnic Ltd

Wendy Smith - Cards4u2make

Our next Web Workshop is on Thursday 21st May which is already fully booked.  We do still have some places left for June, July, October and November.  Visit our events page to book a place!

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