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March 20, 2009

Blog link to LinkedIn – Is that clear?

Writing about web page

LinkedIn has provided a facility to add posts from this blog to the news section of the B2B Centre LinkedIn group, using the RSS feed.

I don't know what would happen if we could add news items from LinkedIn to this blog - chaos?

There is a benefit of course.  As with most of this web2.0, social media stuff it means that you can re-use content lots of times by pushing out via different channels. That makes it somewhat easier to make a splash on the internet and make people think that you are more active than you really are.

Blogs, twitters, RSS, social network status fields etc. etc. are usually indexed by search engines too.  So if you add links then you start to increase your inbound link count.


P.S Join our LinkedIn group (registration is required) or follow us on Twitter.

March 11, 2009

B2B Centre's Web Workshop – 5th March

Writing about web page

Last week’s web workshop was very well attended and received. B2B eBusiness consultants Mark Bonnett and Steve Orriss lead discussions and presentations on a variety of essential web and eMarketing topics such as website planning & content, what's new in the market, SEO & PPC and how to use blogging and social media effectively.

The following B2B Members attended:

Chris Burleigh - Target Management Services

Nick Davies and Callum Goodland - Universal Automotive Ltd

Amanda Dowson – Hopefish (

Cath Fearn - SI Printers (

Andrew Gibbs - Warwick Design (

Martin Parry - MGBA Ltd (

Stephen Pollock - Stapling & Nailing Supplies

Jim Reah – DCK Services ( and

Malene Stanley – KSB Kids (

Delegate feedback included:

Cath Fearn “I would just like to say how much I enjoyed the workshop; it was a nice small informal group. Lots of participation and opportunity to ask questions”

Malene Stanley “I really benefited from yesterday, absolutely brilliant”

Andrew Gibbs “I found social networking and Google analytics most useful and interesting”

Neil Davies “All very interesting, lots of food for thought”

“Our interactive workshops are designed to help delegates raise their e-marketing knowledge learn how important website and content planning is, and also learn new ways in which they can promote their company using e-marketing techniques and tools. It also gives delegates a chance to raise any specific questions/ queries they have with their own website"

January 13, 2009

B2B Centre – Cov Evening Telegraph article

Good to see the B2B Centre getting a mention in the Coventry Evening Telegraph courtesy of the work we have done with Craig Clarke at Beatroot Visual Solutions.

Those of you who participate in some of the on campus social activities may have seen Beatroot's work as it provides clever visuals and and computer graphics for some of the SU do's.

Birmingham Post coverage

The B2B Centre's work in helping Walsall-based belt maker George Stuart to survive and grow is highlighted in an article in a Birmingham Post article

July 28, 2008

Tools for the Credit Crunch

Writing about web page

As the credit crunch bites even harder and the economic climate worsens, we have launched a new suite of tools to help you save money, especially on telephone and meeting costs.  The tools are highly interactive, providing simple, pragmatic advice, supplemented with easy-to-understand (we hope!) information and web resources.  Each tool takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

The telephone cost tools focus on cost savings in 3 areas: changing your tariff or service provider; switching to a VOIP service; or using instant messaging as an alterative to voice calls.

The meeting cost tools help you save money by exploiting tele conferencing, video conferencing and web conferencing.

Please let us know how you get on.

June 20, 2008

Acccountants to spearhead e–business campaign

We are hosting an event, together with AccountingWEB, to teach accountants new web skills to make them - and their clients - more profitable.

Many practitioners are missing out on new opportunities because they cannot keep up with all the latest business technologies such as search engine optimisation and e-commerce.  This seminar gives them the chance to learn new online skills and discover systematic processes and tools to diagnose and improve website performance.

The seminar will help accountants not just to make their own online presence more effective, but also to open new fee opportunities by passing on their new web skills

The half day seminar (9:00 - 12:30) takes place on 15 July at the Burlington Hotel in Birmingham.  It costs just £50 to attend, or is free if you stay for a short e-business workshop afterwards.    For more information and bookings visit the National B2B Centre website.  Lunch will be provided.

The seminar programme is based on findings from an AccountingWEB/National B2B Centre survey that identified a crucial skills gap. More than a fifth of practitioners said they would like to advise clients on ebusiness, but felt they lacked the appropriate knowledge to do so.

June 04, 2008

Members Networking comes to Shropshire

Members Networking returns on 10th July and for the first time comes to Telford in Shropshire.


This evening event will take place at the picturesque, Grade II listed Priorslee Hall (pictured right) at the University of Wolverhampton Telford campus.  It is a chance to meet other business owners and employees of growing businesses, to discuss your issues and experiences - and of course recommend your business.

The evening will consist of free networking time, a guest speaker sharing their e-business success story, a fork buffet and prize draw. As usual there is the chance for three delegates to present a pitch to the group about their business.  If you're interested in the opportunity send a sentence to us describing what you can offer to the network.

The event fits nicely around your working day taking place from 17:30 - 19:30. 

You can book today at Whether you're in Shropshire or not, this is a good chance for businesses to extend their contacts across the region so we hope to see you there.

May 30, 2008

Business IT Guide Starter Pack

Writing about web page

The Business IT Guide’s new IT starter packs really do what they say on the tin. The IT starter pack for home businesses in particular is a brilliant step-by-step guide to using IT at home, for those who haven’t set up a business, or perhaps worked, from home before.

The guide picks out basic information which you may have not considered or thought about. You may read the guide and decide that setting up a business from home is not for you.  By reading this guide you have cut your losses before starting, costing you nothing!!

Here’s a quick taster of what information it provides

  • Cost’s involved in setting up a home business e.g. IT equipment you require, office furniture etc.

  • The consideration of what broadband you will need and the options which are right for you.

  • Virus software information and suggested suppliers.

  • Information about IT theft and what software to consider

  • E-mail set-up – suggested suppliers

  • Suggestions on how to communicate effectively with colleagues at minimum effort using online collaborative tools.

The most important thing at the end of the guide is an Action Plan, read the information and most importantly TAKE ACTION if it’s right for you.

April 29, 2008

New E–Business Conference for 2008!

The National B2B Centre is hosting an E-Business Conference in September 2008 with keynote speakers from the online world.

Already confirmed is the e-marketing author, trainer and consultant Dave Chaffey of Marketing Insights, who has been proclaimed an e-marketing 'guru' by the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

The day will provide insights into e-business and the future, with a particular focus on digital media and the Web 2.0 generation.   As well as presentations there will be four workshops (of which delegates can attend two) and a buffet lunch.

Finally, not forgetting a tour of the newly opened Digital Lab at Warwick University is offered to all delegates! (opens in Sept 08)

All members will receive event details and booking information soon. 

April 17, 2008

Rachel Elnaugh inspires at B2B Centre event

It was very inspiring to hear Rachel Elnaugh speak at the B2B Centre's event last week, E-Marketing Essentials for the Small Business -not to mention humbling.  When a TV personality arrives a bit nervous to speak to 100 businesses, it makes us realise they are only human after all!

(Photo from left to right: Martin King-Turner of the B2B Centre, Rachel Elnaugh, Lyn Burkett of Business Link and James Pennington of the B2B Centre)


When the former Dragon’s Den panelist took to the lectern we could sense a real understanding of small businesses and how they can grow using the web. Rachel’s many tips included offering free value-add content to visitors and creating a ‘sizzle statement’ on each page to convey who you are and how your customer can benefit, thus capturing the visitor in the 5 seconds you have before they click away.

This from a woman who grew a £100m business in Red Letter Days from virtually nothing (except of course lots of business acumen) has to be valuable advice. Red Letter Days relied on the web for much of its marketing and sales.

Today Rachel uses the web to successfully promote her Rachel Elnaugh Ltd brand and services, which include business mentoring, author and coaching to small businesses.

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