March 20, 2009

Blog link to LinkedIn – Is that clear?

Writing about web page

LinkedIn has provided a facility to add posts from this blog to the news section of the B2B Centre LinkedIn group, using the RSS feed.

I don't know what would happen if we could add news items from LinkedIn to this blog - chaos?

There is a benefit of course.  As with most of this web2.0, social media stuff it means that you can re-use content lots of times by pushing out via different channels. That makes it somewhat easier to make a splash on the internet and make people think that you are more active than you really are.

Blogs, twitters, RSS, social network status fields etc. etc. are usually indexed by search engines too.  So if you add links then you start to increase your inbound link count.


P.S Join our LinkedIn group (registration is required) or follow us on Twitter.

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  1. Andrew Smith

    We are trying to use our news pages for the same reason. Each news item is individually indexed and we put internal links in to get maximum search engine benefit.


    20 Mar 2009, 21:56

  2. Glenn Watts

    It worries me to do this as I understood that using the same content on lots of different websites is a bad idea. Google would see you as trying to spam it and would sandbox you.

    Im not sure if I have gotten this a little mixed up or is it ok to do this on social media sites? It can get very confussing for the newbies!

    23 Mar 2009, 16:28

  3. Martin King-Turner


    I wouldn’t suggest copying exactly the same words for different outlets – it is good to be more creative than that.

    Each channel requires its own approach, for different reasons. Twitter gives you only 140 characters to play with so you have to be punchy. A blog post may be aimed at potential customers of a specific product so it might need a picture…and prices.

    Google doesn’t like duplicate content – it is really after bogus websites that are engaged in dodgy activities, rather than us having material published in a number of genuine places.


    23 Mar 2009, 18:04

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